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Dungeon Fighter Online is not just a game, it’s a lifestyle. So it is
packed with the kinds of tools that allow you to fully engage the DFO

Auction System: The Auction System is a vital aspect of the online
game economy. When you come across items you can really use, there’s
going to be stuff that you will then cast aside…why not make some

Party and PvP Play: Recruit up to three fellow players to join you in
dungeons impossible to clear solo. Or throw down the gauntlet in an
outright challenge to their egos and hop inside the Player vs. Player
arena to settle the question once and for all—who is the greatest
Dungeon Fighter?

Guild System: You can team up with players who have common goals to
create guilds, forming another type of community within DFO. Guild
members help each other out by sharing information and items, or by
tackling harder dungeons and quests together. The official DFO website
offers a safe and customizable page to each guild as a tool to make
coordinating guilds as easy as killing goblins.


And these are just a few of the many online community aspects
contained within Dungeon Fighter Online.

The world of Arad had been peaceful and prosperous for centuries
before agents of darkness descended upon it. Now it is in desperate
need of heroes such as you to vanquish the evil scourge that has
poisoned its forests, mountains and valleys. Arad must thrive again.
However, the threat continues to grow, spreading even into the realm
of the sky and oceans, and may even now threaten adjacent worlds. If
you wish to survive against such a menace, you will need to seek
training and advice from the heroes that came before you. They will
guide you through the many quests that separate you from your ultimate

Quests: Thousands of quests, from the quick to the epic, lay before
you. Some earn you items, some earn you skills…and some get you closer
to the core of Arad’s evil plague. And ALL give you the experience to
advance your level.

NPCs: The population of Arad consists of peace-loving—though often
quirky—characters, all eager to help you progress in your efforts to
eradicate the darkness from their land.

Monsters: No fantasy landscape would be complete without a healthy
dose of villainy, and Arad delivers in spades. The underlings and
bosses represent a panoply of the fantastical and the wicked, the next
more powerful and frightening than the last.

Arad awaits you


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