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Post  Toshiharu on Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:46 am

Yes, its true that sro WAS a great game BEFORE but now its only BOTTERS which are 97%, HACKERS 2% and SCAMMERS 1%.... i was and still am a lvl 75 blader(blade+5 crit 11, phy. attack 81% shield+5 br 18) 9 gaps and dont have any single soX but still a lvl 77/78 galvier with +7/+8 on his glavie CANT EVEN KILL ME and he is TURK(as usual WANNABE STRONG, if they cant beat someone they CRY, then SCAM you, then HACK you finally they will use BOT)!!!
Oh and before i forget to mention its LAG LIKE HELL..... ALWAYS crowded as usual 24/7!!!!
That's why i stop playing this shit, stupid, gold digger game..
And to add more all those botters have a premium ticket so they can log in easily no traffic at all even though they get dc, thats why joymax dont ban botters, business is business, money is money... botters are RICH, What can u do?
There are a lot of plenty online games out there which are way more better than SRO, like Cabal online and Sword of the New World aka Granado Espada/G.E(Especially theses two games), 2Moons, Rappelz and many more....
So dont just waste your time and being mad why cant you connect to the game in sro with in more than an hour or two perhaps more, and when u log in, whats gonna like? LAG LIKE HELL!! So instead of having same faith over and over again, why not try those game which i just listed or maybe u can find much more better than those games......,1.html?time=1208234492

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