PvP Theory-> Favoring the bow(?)

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PvP Theory-> Favoring the bow(?)

Post  Toshiharu on Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:43 am

testing all the skills on ksro (thank you Vaughn) and somethings been bothering me. While others firmly say pvp will stay in a duel stance I believe SRO is moving away from 1v1 combat and started to push into a small group based combat (2v2 <-> 5v5).
I've noticed everyone is able to tank everything and the potions only get larger to compensate for lack of equipment. The chinese skills are adding more effects only euro's can cure, and euros are getting to be more devious about how they use skills. I tested a cap-leveled bower and I can say from experience (btw all equip +5 full blue except bow) the only ones that look like they'll make it out of this pt-pvp warfare seems to be bowers only. The newest arrow chain also knocks enemies back so they're rapidly pushing characters back which allows them to unleash the new stunner shot and AD. By the time a character gets hit by the 2 bigger attacks the bow user has already pushed them back again for another volley. True enough, that a person who plans ahead can make the bow user run out of arrows eventually, but this comes at a massive potion cost.
Nukers are now tending to roam in groups to compensate for the bowers knockback power, glaivers are still recovering from Ego loss, and bladers... well they're just as useless now as they were back at level 10 (sorry bladers your boned).
Now this is where the debate begins. Vaughn believes that the pvp will end up turning to class vs class warfare. I agree with him to a point, but I differ on a few things. I think that nukers will start roaming in massive groups together (meaning 4+ per group) to instantly kill opposition since they can now tank. This will allow 4 of them to instantaneously nuke 1 target constantly while splashing all around him/her. The other group that will start travelling together are bowers. Since they now have a power granted to them most other classes only dream of, they will abuse it. I have a feeling that bowers will start travelling in 4 person groups as well just to counter nuker mobs with rapid arrow chaining.
Other than that, I see, and feel, that the other groups will tend to cling to euro's like a child to the mother. In order to live through a barrage of lightning nukers or 4 bowers raining arrows on them, people will have to have a full euro buff and a euro cleric riding on their back for an insta-heal.
I'd like to get some opinions on what you think will happen to the sro pvp system. Don't be afraid to post, even if it's something that you feel is stupid at the time.
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