D9 and Weapons ( My thoughts )

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D9 and Weapons ( My thoughts )

Post  Toshiharu on Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:37 am

I saw many questions about when 9th degree is going to come out, and which class to choose is best.
Some of thoughts that i have:
9th degree, in my opinion will be delayed cause of the troubles with the hacking and other events. Joymax will require an amount of time to set up an extra fire wall or protection to prevent it from ever happening again. Atleast i hope they will try... But, on the other hand, degree 9 will not take forever to get ready, since in SRO chinese, d9 coding and pictures are already finished. Joymax just need to get the programming and images with all the statistics from chinese SRO and just put it in iSRO, i think it will take about a week or so and it will be finished. As for the christmas event... I seriously hope it will still run, cause it's a really large event that everyone is waiting for all year. degree 9 mainly only affect like.. 200 people/server? around. hence... I am not sure if joymax will take it seriously. degree 9 will be a huge change to prices for EVERYONe. Not only people with d8. A lot of people do alchemy and buy/sell to earn money. when d9 comes out, d9 element prices will soar, and all other element prices are gonna drop. In my server : Venice, prices of wind2, wind 4, earth 6 have dropped plenty. Especially lvl 72 weapons. For example glavies, a lvl72+5 glavie used to cost around.. 50mil each with good stats, now you can buy one for like.. 35mil or so. the pricing is dropping dramatically. (I cant even do proper business anymore T_T) Price drops for business people in SRO is like cutting a hole in their wallet.
I STRONGLY recommend that everyone save their gold, and dont buy/sell unless it is really really cheap. Gold right now in the game is the most important thing, even items are not as good. I think.. when d9 comes out, d8 weapons will become obsolete like d7s when d8 came out. Price drop will be crazy much and a lot of people will be loosing a ton of gold.
If anyone have a d8 weapon or d8 armor, I suggest you sell them. Hopefully for a fair price, but if a little bit less it will be ok too. Then when u save uup enough gold, go make a new char or something and have fun while waiting for d9 to come out. Atleast i hope it will come out soon. jejejejejejeje
Now for weapons.
A lot of people ask what weapon to use, and here are some benefits of each.
pure str bower:
Benefit: Good hitting, range
Pure Int bower:
Benefit: I have no idea sorry >.<
Pure Str sword:
Benefit: None, dont be an idiot...
Pure Int Sword:
Benefit: Good damage, good leveling, can block
Pure Str Blader:
Benefit: good for solo, pvp, but hard to level, skills are cool ^^
Pure int blader:
benefit: dont be an idiot...
Pure str glavier:
benefit: good damage, good leveling, ok pvp.
pure int glavier:
benefit: dont be an idiot...
pure str spear:
benefit: dont be an idiot...
pure int spear:
benefit: high damage, fast leveling, bad pvp

dang, that list is long ill just shorten it for the euro weapons. hehe
European classes:
Cleric: Most important, lots of buff, int, str +, healing. I love cleric and i find all class need cleric skill otherwise they wont last. I have seen a lvl 80 cleric go against 3 lvl 80s, a bower, glavier, and a blader. It didn't die, but not dealing any damage.
Bard: Just get it for buff and fast attack. high level bards will die sooo fast. bards usually go with clerics cause that would make them a pure buffer which is very good, and cleric skills help them last a long time.
dual axe: Not sure, never played. Heard the skills are really nice, hits alright damage. only seen one lvl 72 dual axer, so not much.
dagger: pure str dagger is the only tanker actually worth training, two hand sword is ok too i guess. dagger users inflict certain curses like warlock which deduces stat of enemy, they have ultra high cri, i think goes up to 24, and for sosun will go up to 30, not sure. I have a dagger 22 cri, and it's awsome. daggers have cool skills that make them actually interesting to level up ^^
two hand sword: not sure, but hear from friend they are really nice to play with too. they have some skills like bladers so they can last a while by themself also.
one hand sword: never seen a high level one hand sword
wizard: the strognest of all classes. hits elemental damage which rocks. You can get all skills if fully farmed, but i doubt it hehe. too amny skills to gain up. i was doing it in the beginning then i quit cause i didn't want to farm. i suggest, fire/ice for the damage and slow, or earth/ice, for the damage and slow, or earth/light, for pure damage and stuff...
warlock: nto sure if worth training, highest warlock i made up to was lvl 24, they can last a while by themselfs and wotn die as easily. their hp stealing can damage and heal and it can be a real lifesaver.

Skill pairings for european characters:
Cleric should be with every single skill, that's all i can say. >.<

Ok.. that's a dang long list of stuff, if you read all the way here, congrats.
**** All the information on top may not be true, they are only thoughts from me, so if i am wrong please dont be mad ****
If anyone have suggestions or extra information, Please feel welcome to comment more.

I play in venice, if anyone wanna be my friend or need some help, if you are low level, leave a message too with ur char name ^^ ill pm you ingame. If you dont feel like telling me, it's ok too.
final quote: "Business is getting tough, save ur money, and Skills are your own choice, choose what you love ^^"

THANK SO MUCH FOR READING ALL MY TALK ^^ http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/105/200712/01/3999,1.html?time=1208233767

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