Questions about Exlixirs and Sos

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Questions about Exlixirs and Sos

Post  Sylhana on Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:28 pm

Ok, first of all i would like to point out, im a total nub at this game, but am totally addicted to it. Im currently a level 18, and still lost with the alchemey function of the game.. Its very confusing,i tried reading guides i still can not comprehend.. Anyways these are my questions ^^
This is the blade i am currently using.
1.If i used Exlixirs(weapon) on this what would happen?
2.If it fails, will it destory my weapon? will it lower my attack and magic attack?
3.What happens if it is succesful, do i get better attack stats??
Thank you and yes i did black out my name and gold Razz,1.html?time=1208229526

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