Bots on Silkroad

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Bots on Silkroad

Post  Sylhana on Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:25 pm

Now I know i've seen other post about Bots and how they suck etc... whatever
let me see I've been playing this game well over 1 month now or let's say ammm 1 Month 2 weeks to be on the safe side
and boy was I a noob when I started, but I got here cuase my friends was playing it all the time, anyway's I finally gived it a shot.
As first it was exciting..
Now I just can't wait for another RPG Online game to come out so I can run so fast my feet will be kicking my own a$$
Now firstly
it's virtually impossiable to do a quest cause almost every quest filled with people or online gold sellers bot's, and just for argument sake we'll say that Joymax is getting a cut back from this since I refuse to believe that there dum ID10T working in the admin department *Oops I hope I don't get banned for this but I've been a Network Admin since 1994 yea I'm 26 a almost totally old fart, Ive also had my fare share of online gaming with running ladders/leagues with over 5000 player but that isn't any of you business and let me stop talking about that"
Anyway let me get to the point
Joymax (I hope I got that name right) your going to get let's say 4000 connections on one server if that small and 3000 is going to be botters/gold making online companies, while people like me who work hard, come to these forums get as much points on how to play and how to level your character have to compete with those things to do wuest and you can't ban atleast 50% of them, I'm not saying bad them all after all you not that dum are you, they buy skill you run an online game for FREE ( Free what a nice word) Oh and before you get the wrong idea I baught Silk and I baught a Monkey, a Premium account and was about to buy the Angel Suit before it went out of stock so I have spent money on your game.
Oh crap this is getting long
hmmmm... ok back to the point
I hate the fact that ok before I wanna enjoy the other pleasures of the game I have to become ivi70 to lVl 80 cause there is no sence in being a thief or a trader if 40% of your members on the servers are like 65-80 Level so first change the dam job thing to that cause it makes no sence, it takes forever to level and this is me using a premium account, Leveling only one force and one weapon, Oh trust me I am not a noob I understand how the Exp and Skill thing work and yes I know about the 10% everything I need to know cause you all been so helpfull and post it on the forums for me to READ it anyway's
Buy I would love to see the day when players can unite and join together and say hey we love your game but your botters are getting out of hand and taking away all the fun and interest from it.
But Comeon you gotta hate when you have a stupited quest to do and there is like 50 Bots there and you take instead of 1 day 10 to finish the quest cause there almost all the time killing the deaminds
Trust me I was just about to go pay for a bot 16 US 1 Month card but I said what's the fun in that,
Oh yea we have to put into fact also that well yea there are a few good high level guy's out there that would actually talk to us low level guy's and try to help us get to there level cause the more we are the more fun it is( if someone find one let me know please )
Crap I forgot what this was about again...
Oh yea it's probely going to get deleted but lol I have to do this
wt f was I doing again
Oh yea
you Botters, GET RID of 50% of them cause as I said your not going to get rid of all of them you would be broke or for god sake host more events or something where people can actually get a fair shot at leveling, cause trust me even with your premium account and me not having to spend 10hr to 1 day trying to get connected to you server it still pretty difficult, NO FOR THE LAST TIME I AM NOT Doing something wrong I don't think reacing from Level 1 to Level 40 in 1 Month is being a noob, I work so I don't get allot of time playing.. and I did almost 80% of it on my own with not much help but readin these forumss
"It seems that you are writting a really long article, please save it in your computer before posting."
Point Noted
JoyMax here's it in a nut shell.
People are getting bored, why cause you have 2 many botters, they not only take up precious connection, they sometimes Idel an entire year and as far as I see it you can try but there is no way to take away an idle time, let some of you layz admins get on the server and walk around once in a while and if they can't see a bot fire them or get a cane and a seeing all dog cause there BLIND. We not morons we knoe you know we know you know exactly my point, but it's time to put a cap on it there 2 many, GREED is a BAD Thing..
Guy's Stop using bots to level your character, I'm only 40 and I am not crazy to join any trade cause it makes no sence fighting you, most of you are what 70-80 and 50% of u used a bot to get there, Oh stop lieing you know you did now Hush, I've herd it all before, and hmmm I woudl also say 75% of you baught gold before heck I did so I'm a part that's causing the botters to be here, maby they should ban me also, hahaa
Anyway you get my point
I'm fustrated with not being able to connect an d having to spend money to play a game ( Premium Account ) then to see it's not working how it was intended to....,1.html?time=1208228804

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