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Registering For Contest

Post  Sylhana on Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:08 pm

Is there actually any moderators looking after this section of the forum? Postings for free bots allow in here? Look at that guy spamming all over the place and nothing is being done...what is next? Free keyloggers? Free trojans? Can someone do something about it..thanks.
Alot of users, including myself, are having a hard time registering for the Silkroad contest. After keying in our mmosite account name and password(if this is the one you require us to key in),we have to key in our (server name)character name under the SRO Account section. After clicking submit, i get a pop up say "this account is not valid" error message. IF my account is not valid, why am i able to login and do this posting??? Unless the Account name and password refers to something else? Please elaborate...and i think alot of people finding it hard to register a new account with mmosite because registering is possible only in the forum section..or am i wrong??,1.html?time=1208228728

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