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Changing plus glows:
The plus glows are defined in a file called "itemtypenumber.txt"
It is in the resinfo directory of Media.pk2
1. Open up Media.pk2 in your hex editor and do a search in hexadecimal mode for "31 20 09 33".
2. There are sixteen lines of information in this file. The information is for +3 through +9, four times. Start out by opening resinfoitemoption.txt and having a look at it. It uses the same syntax for item names as itemdata.txt. Look for your item in the first column. The number following it immediately is the number you want. Once you find it, move back over to your hex editor.
3. Search for "3X 20 09 3Y" in hexadecimal mode where X is the number you found earlier and Y is the plus number of the glow you have (3, 5, 7, or 9).
For ITEM_CH_SWORD_01_A (+4) you would search for "33 20 09 33"
4. Now that you have the right line, look for "option_textureXX.ddj". This is the texture overlayed over the weapon. Valid options for the number (XX) are 13, 14, and 20 with higher ones being brighter.
5. Look a bit futher and you should see two sets of comma separated three floating point numbers. These are the actual colors. The first set is one color, the second set is the second color. They are in RGB format and can go from 0.000 to 1.000. For example, a full on red glow would be "1.000,0.000,0.000" and if you wanted it to change to green you would set the second set to "0.000,1.000,0.000".
6. I haven't tested but I'm pretty sure you could get +1 and +2 to glow by editing the glow number that you searched for (Y).

Adding Seal Glows:
Seal glows are defined in "itemrare.txt" which is also in the resinfo folder of Media.pk2
1. Open up Media.pk2 in your hex editor and do a search for "raretype" in ANSI mode.
2. Next do a second search for your item in the usual format, in ANSI mode.
3. Now here is where you have to decide what seal you want it to be. If you want it to be SoSun you need to look for the "third tier" entry of your weapon. So if you originally searched for "ITEM_CH_SWORD_07_B_RARE" you need to scroll down till you see "ITEM_CH_SWORD_07_C_RARE". At this point, check your file size.
4. With that in view, go into insert mode and remove the rare so it looks like "ITEM_CH_SWORD_07_C".
5. Next go into over mode change the C to a B since you have a second tier sword.
6. Now with your cursor still where you changed the C to a B, do a hexadecimal search for "0D". Look in the left column to where it found it's result. You should see an "0A" immediately after it. Now in between those two, you need to insert ten zeroes (00 00 00 00 00) Make sure that your file size is the same as it was before.
7. Now find your weapon's entry in itemdata.txt with a Unicode search.
8. Once you find the correct entry, do another Unicode search for "18000".
9. You will see that following the 18000 there are two zeroes. Change the second one to a two.
10. Save and test.
11. If you already have a seal item and want to change its glow you simply need to swap it's tier letter with the desired one. (make sure you swap them so that both still have an entry),1.html?time=1208227410

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