STRIKE ON joymax ! ! !

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STRIKE ON joymax ! ! !

Post  Sylhana on Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:53 pm

Guys, ive been hearing nothing but ppl complaining about joymax and its service since i started Silkroad. (they dont do any service but...)
Me, my friends and lots other ppl had enough with this " server traffic " bullsh1t. Some of us were wasting over 20 mins for loging in. I have never heard such a non-sence, no game-game company does this sh1t in any game ive heard heard about.
And the sadest part is, no one does anything about this. Ok i can bet probobly %40-50 of the players complained about this from bug report part but what changed ??? Nothing.
I dont really know what to do either, we r dealing with a really difficult issue here, i wanna heare all of ur ideas guys. Anything, any idea that can stop this.
I trust on all of u and ur ideas, ill be waiting ur replies...
Thnx 2 u all,1.html?time=1208227408

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