Information on Client Altering Prevention Function

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Information on Client Altering Prevention Function

Post  adeehe on Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:06 am

Silkroad Online is adding a new function, to protect our users¡¯ personal information, and to provide smooth gaming experience.

When the client runs, this function detects whether or not the client has been altered, thus our users will be able to play the game with the proper client. This helps prevent personal information from being widely spread that can happen under altered clients, and will also block portion of illegal game plays. It may be impossible to block all sorts of illegal game play through preventing client alteration. However, through continuous GM activity, we will try our best to provide our users with smooth gaming experience.

Once the client altering prevention function is added, it will check the client every time the client is run, and when it detects that the client has been hacked or damaged, a warning message will appear, and a pop-up window will instruct our users to reinstall the client.

If a reinstallation pop-up window appears, please uninstall Silkroad Online completely through program add/remove. When the game is reinstalled through the client downloaded at our web site, the game will be activated normally.

We ask for our users understanding and support for this client altering prevention function, which will help block illegal attempts in advance.

Thank you.

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