December's Big Update Notice

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December's Big Update Notice

Post  adeehe on Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:04 am

For your enjoyment through this winter season, we have prepared a big update for Silkroad Online. Prepare yourself for the exciting new experiences to come.

Update #1: New Server
We will be opening a new server, our 16th.
New Server name: Pacific
Open date: 12/6/2006

Update #2: Takla Makan Update (Update Date: 12/19/2006)
- Level cap lifted to level 80.
- Takla Makan map opened.
- A new Unique Boss introduced; Lord Yarkhan.
- Level 60~80 Takla Makan monsters added.
- Level 60~80 Takla Makan quests added.
- 8th Degree high level Items available

Update #3: Christmas Event (Update Date: 12/19/2006)
- So-Ok?s Christmas gift: a reindeer you can ride.
- A powered up version of the monster summoning scroll: Pandora's Box.

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