Detailed Look at Thanksgiving Event and New Pet

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Detailed Look at Thanksgiving Event and New Pet

Post  adeehe on Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:03 am

Update #1 . Thanksgiving Festival Event

[Event Period]
11/21/2006 ~ 11/28/2006

[Event Sequence]

1. Upon the defeat of monsters, there will be the random chance of a jewelry box being dropped.
2. Take the box to So-Ok, who is near the portal in each town, and she will exchange it for an event prize.

[The locations of So-Ok in each town]

[Special Prizes]

1. Gold Dragon Flag(avatar item) with strength+2, intelligence+2 option
2. Monster summoning scroll different from previous monster summoning scrolls (Monster summoned will depend on the number of members in a party, and the level of the character that used the scroll.)

Update #2. New Rabbit Pet Addition

A new cute and expressive form with the useful and indispensable abilities of the monkey and squirrel, the new pet, Rabbit, will be found exclusively in the Item Mall.

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