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Post  adeehe on Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:59 am

This weeks contest theme is:
Action / Combat

We will try to hold an Screen shot Contest each 14 days. The themes will be selected by the moderators.

How to Participate
You must have an registered account to MMOSITE. You can submit screenshots through MMOSITE space channel; and the Silkroad online space is here( ) And to direct upload to SRO section: You need to select Silkroad Online and choose the right Category, and include "sro1" in the "Tags" (so that we'll know the screenshot is for Silkroad Screenshot Contest).

General Rules:
l. Contest will begin on Feb. 6th, 2007.
2. All Screenshots must be submitted before Feb. 16th, 2007 11:59PM (GMT)
3. Winners will be announced on feb 19th, 2007.
4. Only 1 screenshot per person ! So don't put in 5 screenshot and post them 1 screenshot each theme !

Instructions for Submitting
All screenshots must be from Silkroad Online and fit for the theme we have chosen.
The deadline for submitting is Feb. 16th, 2007 11:59PM (GMT)
The screenshot must be a full screenshot without any edits.
The screenshot can't exceed 1 Megabytes in size.
"sro1" must be included in the "tags" when the screenshot is submitted.

Voting Rules
Only MMOSITE registered users are eligible to vote.
Each registered user can only vote for an screenshot. Each user vote counts as 1 and can only vote 1 time. How to vote? Make an reply with "i vote for -user-"
You can't vote for yourself!

Winner Selection
Voting scores by the users will determine the winners.
MMOSITE take a full charge of the winner selection process..
To view all the participations click here:

1st Prize (1 winner): 50 MMO GOLD
2nd Prize (2 winner): 30 MMO GOLD
3rd Prize (3 winner): 15 MMO GOLD
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