Anti-Virus Program say "NO" to Silkroad Online

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Anti-Virus Program say "NO" to Silkroad Online

Post  adeehe on Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:57 am

After the lastest update, Silkroad Online players may face a little trouble from their Anti-Virus software. Now Silkroad team is sloving the problem.

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

When our users download the newest update on May 23rd (Silkroad Standard Time) for the anti-virus programs they use, the error of the anti-virus programs that detected Silkroad file with a virus will be fixed.

We have confirmed the modification with Kaspersky after update. For users that use other anti-virus programs, please try downloading the newest update for the anti-virus program, and if the error is still not fixed, then please wait for future updates.

This issue was an error of the anti-virus program itself, thus we ask for our users understanding for the delay in grasping a hold of the cause for this issue. Please keep in mind that there was no virus in the first place.

Those who can?t run the game normally, or those receiving an error message such as [Error code 2] due to the wrong operation of anti-virus programs, normal processing of the game will be possible when the game is newly installed after the uninstallation of the current game.

For the security of our users, Silkroad Online is processing virus examination every day. Issues like this mainly arise from the malfunctioning of anti-virus programs and through the use of illegal programs, so please feel safe in enjoying our game.,1.shtml

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