MMOsite Exclusive: Halloween & High Prize

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MMOsite Exclusive: Halloween & High Prize

Post  adeehe on Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:55 am

Heads up, everybody! Itīs an exciting time for MMOsiters!

Halloween is coming now and things are turning stirring! Our mmosite staffs are preparing some interesting event for mmositers. Many game companies such as ACCLAIM, NTREEV and NCSOFT, gave their supports to mmosite.

The Halloween Event will start in next week! We welcome everyone to join this exciting event! Please wait and enjoy the event! Good Luck!

Some exciting prize here:

Official site:

Prize: Acclaim Coins, Veteranīs Amulet, Hunterīs Hat, etc.

Official site:
Prize: 9D Premium Package, Chakra Purge, Combined XP Bonus, Acclaim Coins, etc.

Official site:
Prize: Riding Cloud, Pet Aibatt, etc.

Official site:
Prize: Skill Points, etc. etc.

Official site:
Prize: Ipods, Tabula Rasa Join Forces Duffle bag, Olympus voice recorders, etc.

Official site:
Prize: NYXX and ONE NOXX Pets, Special Spooky Camp Set, etc.

Official site:
Prize: Happy Holiday Magazine, Rainbow wings, Goddessīs Pouch, etc.

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