New Pets Run Wild in Silkroad Online

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New Pets Run Wild in Silkroad Online

Post  adeehe on Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:49 am

Joymax has announced that a series of helpful new pets will soon become available in Silkroad Online. Beginning January 15th in the Silkroad Online item mall, these faithful animal companions will lend their considerable talents to their owners in a number of ways.

Players will be able to purchase these pets in-game, joining forces with a Bear, a growth pet which attacks enemies; a fast-moving vehicle/mount pet Beetle; a flying Sylph which will retrieve items from the field; or a Buffalo, which can be used to transport heavy loads down the treacherous Silk Road.

The new pets go on sale starting January 15th for a limited time through the in-game item mall.

Ability Pet: Sylph.

Sylph is a pet that will help the owners pick up items. It will function like other Ability pets, such as Monkey and Squirrel.,1.shtml

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