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Eckos GvG Build

Post  jeunfb on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:12 am

Ok, I have been reading on guru and such for the past few days and I think I have put together a pretty good build.Please feel free to criticize and express opinions.

D/Me-Melandru Derv
14scythe mastery
7wind prayers
6domination magic

Avatar of Melandru[E]
Victorious Sweep
Wearying Strike
Eremite's Attack
Featherfoot Grace
Hex Breaker
Resurrection Signet

Note:all armor should have radiant insignia due to maintain energy.

R/W-RaO Thumper
11 expertise
10 beast mastery
12 hammer mastery(all minor runes)

Irresistable Blow
Hammer Bash
Crushing Blow
Wild Blow
Rampage As One[E]
Comfort Animal
Charm Animal
Resurrection Signet

Note:all radiant insignia and rune of attunement and clarity.

R/W-Another Thumper?? No!-Choking Gas Ranger
12 wilderness survival
12 marksmanship(all minor runes)

Distracting Shot
Savage Shot
Debilitating Shot
Dual Shot
Choking Gas
Practiced Stance[E]
Resurrection Signet

Note:Use flurry whenever possible after use of choking gas(practiced stance lengthens choking gas when applied)no need to have it kept up all the time).

D/W- Grenths Dervish
14 scythe mastery
7 wind prayers(all minor runes)

Avatar of Grenth[E]
Victorious Sweep
Eremite's Attack
Mystic Sweep
Wild Blow
Featherfoot Grace
Harriers Grasp
Resurrection Signet

Note:radiant insignia on all armor.

16blood magic(sup rune)
12soul reaping(minor rune)
4curses(minor rune)
5protection prayers
Order of the Vampire[E]
Shadow Strike
Life Siphon
Parasitic Bond
Signet of Lost Souls
Holy Veil
Draw Conditions
Resurrection Chant

Mo/Me-ZB infuser
14protection prayers
12divine favor
5healing prayers(all minor)
5domination magic

Zealous Benediction[E]
Reversal Of Fortune
Dismiss Condition
Protective Spirit
Infuse Health
Holy Veil
Hex Breaker

Mo/A-Blessed Escaper
9healing prayers
9protection prayers(all minor)
7shadow arts

Blessed Light[E]
Gift Of Health
Signet Of Devotion
Reversal Of Fortune
Dismiss Condition
Spirit Bond
Dark Escape

Mo/E LoD Runner
8air magic
4divine favor(minor)

Light Of Deliverance[E]
storm djinns haste
glyph of lesser energy
mending touch
shield of absortion
words or comfort

In certain situation such as if the other team splits: We would go a 5/3 split, The Melandru Derv, RaO thumper, and the ZB/infuser would be the offensive group. The defensive team (or the team fighting at the flagstand) would be the remaining 5 with they LoD runner trying to stay with the group as long as possible to support the group.The choking gas rangers main priority is to stay on the warder if there is one(since 80% of our damage is physical).The order of importance for the choking ranger to be on is:warder, monks, any other casters.Once again please criticize and post opinions.Thanks


EDIT:draw conditions for aegis wildblow for mending touch, dual forseeking, beastual mauling for wildblow, dismiss condition for mend condition.

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