GvG - Sunday Night/Monday Morning (AUS TIME!), Welcome to the gang to Yobbo!

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GvG - Sunday Night/Monday Morning (AUS TIME!), Welcome to the gang to Yobbo!

Post  jeunfb on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:12 am

Just a quick post to report on 4 battles we ran last night. I got back from my referee'ing duties, jumped on IRC and there was NO ONE around! I logged onto TS and there were a few around. Including someone who has been pretty keen to play some PvP for a while, a fellow Aussie, Yobbo!

A quick headcount, a quick native check, some creative encouragement (wanna play some GvG? never takes much if you ask the right people!) and we had 7 players and enough natives. 1 to go. Sera, who many of you have played with, was busy GvG'ing with her guild, but they weren't doing well. After much discussion, she jumped across to get us the 8th we needed to get the show on the road!

Played a fairly basic build, nothing tricky.

2 x Wa/El Eviscerate/Shock axe baddies. (Bunnz, Zoomga/Abie)
1 x Ne/El using Reapers Mark, Mark of Pain, Barbs, Desecrate Enchants and other stuff. (Yobbo!)
1 x Ne/El using Spoil Victor, Faintheartedness, Enfeeble and other melee shutdown stuff. (Manacraft)
1 x P/W using direct damage spears (MentalElf! And no dragon stomp in sight!)
1 x Glimmer of Light monk (Vale)
1 x RC monk (Sera)
1 x LoD Flagger (Rascal)

As I said, a pretty basic build. Good combinations available, warriors + hexes were capable of building and sustaining good pressure. Warriors + Mark of Pain or Barbs made for very effective spikes. And thats how it was played. We'd (warriors) run around thumping things, then a spike would be called and we'd unload adren after the target was hexed up. Effective, simple, easy to call and lead.

Took a bit to get things flowing, don't remember much of the first battle, but we lost it, -2 rating.

The next battle up was madness. 8 Ele type characters, of which 4 were hero's or henchies. We had it all over them, with many kills against few to them. They were horrible. They tried to kill our lord, without first bothering to clear out NPC's or even the bodyguard! We kept getting kills although Stoneflesh Aura and Mystic Regeneration gave them a high degree of survivability. 1 El/D kept my warrior busy for over 30s without dying!

And man did they have some AoE. I think there were 6 copies of sandstorm in their build! And it HURT. Almost all of their kills came from careless attacking by myself or Zoomga while inside Sandstorms, which our poor monks simply could NOT heal through.

So the battle dragged on, the flag was backwards and forwards, more forwards than backwards for us tho. Aware of the danger Sandstorm would pose to a VoD-inspired fight to the death at the stand, the flagger (Rascal) and I set off to gain a bit of an NPC advantage. We got to the entry with the 2 footman and the archer only for me to then realise that the OTHER team had the flagstand and were about to boost! I'd snagged the flagger and not delegated that duty to anyone else.

We turned around and then in a show of stupidity from the battle leader (yes, that would be me!), forgot to get back to achieving the NPC advantage.

VoD rolled around, Sandstorm caused chaos, they pushed us from the stand and despite a valiant attempt, they killed our lord just before our 2nd monk could get back to the front line. Bad loss, against a truly bad team, that should never have happened. Blame Bunnz. Definetly my fault on that loss. After all my comments about keeping a focus, seeking advantage and following a plan, I let the enemy manevuer me into a position from which their weak build and bad play actually gave them an ADVANTAGE. What the heck!?!?!

Another -2, and quite a frustrating -2 at that.

Then the third battle. Rating 999 they were, I don't remember name or much of the battle, except we pushed them inside eventually and took the lord just prior to VoD. 18m30s I think when we got the lord. Better, a win.

+3 rating for that one and even better, Yobbo's first ever win in GvG! Excellent! To quote a comment on TS "Quite addictive this isn't it?". Yes Mike, its very addictive. Truly, a big welcome to the club.

Then the match of the day. Knowing that AuS (Sera's guild) were sitting waiting for a battle when we entered, and with Sera keeping in touch with them, we found an opponent at the same time they did. Ohh, that would be so sweet to steal their monk and then pwn them with her! I was praying, but, alas, not AuS. Some guild whose name I don't remember, but they were rank 500, with around 1020 rating or so.

Groans on TS from some of the less disciplined players, who think that rank 500 actually means anything in today's ladder. I'll match a Basin team against anyone up to and including rank 100 without fear. I quickly make it clear, as did manacraft, that rank 500 isn't anything to fear, its an opportunity to relish!

We had Abie on the other Warrior this time, which was working well. It was a relatively easy battle. They had a degen ranger/rit, a hammer warrior, an axe warrior, a hexer (Necro), a warder (Necro), plenty of Aegis (2 casters), 2 monks and a ZB Flagger. Quite a solid build, very similiar to ours in fact. But with far more defense through the dual Aegis and Wards.

But they had absolutely zero defense against our by now well drilled spikes. We quickly piled up significant DP on one of their monks. Put some DP on other characters. Then with the game well in our favour, moved to secure the boost. Our movement wasn't great, things got a bit chaotic, we lost the edge and it was touch and go time again.

Spikes working well, pressure working well. The ranger and at some point a warrior moved to harass our base and lord, which was easily handled. Eventually, we start getting boosts, which rapidly erased our DP. We got a few of their NPC's prior to VoD (Wall archers, front NPC's) but nothing from inside the base. They'd got at least 1 knight and a few archers, so it was still very finely balanced.

There was some dissent over TS about various calls I made during the battle but I was in no mood for it and a quick "Shut up" worked wonders. Sorry to be so short with everyone. TS is for communicating important information and tactical leadership, not for telling your strategist that you don't like what he's doing!

At VoD, I was intensely worried about the stand, so we moved the team to there. I knew that if we could secure boosts, we'd win the battle. They sent a gank squad of 3 to try to take our lord. I sent some back to hold the lord, while we finished up at the stand. Basically a trade off, as we got mostly wiped at the stand but managed to drop all their NPC's. Retreats were a bit chaotic, often losing 2-3 characters we shouldn't have every time a major reposition was done.

VoD and no one has any NPC's left. The lords walk, we walk out with ours. Both teams had tried ganks, both had failed. They had just got a boost, so had recharged sigs on their side. Most of our sigs were unused. This was going to be tight!

So the stand is the scene for the final battle. 26m and both teams are there, and there is much hurt going around. Our monks do a great job (thanks Sera, Vale!) against a KD warrior and the axe warrior. Thanks too go to Rascal, who stood out the back and extinguished/LoD'ed like it meant life or death, which in fact it did.

Then we started getting lots of kills. Spike a monk, down he goes. Bit of pressure. Spike the re-ressed monk, down he goes. Discharge all their signets, basically on a single target. But he gets up again. Oops thats right, that ranger/rit has Flesh of my Flesh! So next time we spike the monk down, we put that ranger down too. And then we get another monk down. The ranger is back (base res), gets a monk up, we put the ranger down again. Then the monk.

Ah HA! They are now without healing and stomp we go on the lord. Down he goes. 35m. My longest GvG battle since they introduced 20m VoD and destroyed those 60m+ battles we used to have in Gerbils! A very satisfying win all told, classy opponents, great fight, back and forth, similar builds but we just executed our plan far better than they did.

Comments from the opponents via message after the game included "You formed from the Basin?" "Yup" "You don't play like rank 5000's, good game".

+3 rating, very satisfying win even although it took nearly forever. 35m. Thats insane. I thought those days were long gone.

2-2 for the night, it was rapidly approaching 0130 and I had an early start, so I was done for the session and trotted off to sleep. Yobbo got a couple of wins, mucho faction to spend and bitten by the bug. I hope to see you back again soon Yobbo!

While I'm posting about the weekend GvG I participated in, I'd like to add a big thank you to the entire Revenants team for the invite to play with them during the weekend. I was tired, I was far from my best but it was fantastic to get an opportunity to play with one of the Basins GLT's. And thanks also from Sera, who loved listening to people other than her usual crowd on Ventrillo. And she was quite taken with those accents too.

In all, my weekend included 10h of straight GvG on Saturday night/Sunday morning, followed up by a quick 2h session on Sunday night/Monday morning. Very satisfying. Much fun. Thanks Basin! http://www.theamazonbasin.com/gw/forums/index.php?showtopic=7510

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