Nightmare Ranger Spike build for HA and GvG

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Nightmare Ranger Spike build for HA and GvG

Post  jeunfb on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:11 am

This build is focused around the new and improved Nightmare Weapon skill

4 x R/Rt

12 channeling
13 expertise 9+4
10 marksmanship 9+1

Armor - more on defensive side as insignias go - you only need 2 attribute runes anyway.

1. Vampiric Recurve bow +5 energy
2. Vampiric Longbow +5 energy
3. Any bow for switch.

(keep the skills in this order - it should help the spike process)

1. Practiced Stance (Elite) Elite Stance. For 33 seconds, your preparations recharge 50% faster and last 134% longer. Expertise. 5e cost 15 sec recharge

2. Seeking arrows - Preparation. For 10 seconds, your arrows cannot be "blocked". Seeking Arrows ends if you fail to hit. Marksmanship. 15e cost 2 sec cast 20 sec recharge

3.Nigtmare weapon - Weapon Spell. For 12 seconds, target ally has a Nightmare Weapon. Target ally's next 3 successful attacks are reduced by 42 damage and steals up to 42 Health. Channeling. 5e cost 1s cast 10 s recharge

4. Dual shot - Bow Attack. Shoot two arrows simultaneously at target foe. These arrows deal 25% less damage - No attribute. 10e cost 10 sec recharge

5. Distracting shot - Bow Attack. If Distracting Shot hits, it interrupts target foe's action but deals only 13 damage. If the interrupted action was a skill, that skill is disabled for an additional 20 seconds. Expertise. 5e .5s cast 10 s recharge

6. Sight beyond sight - Enchantment. For 8 sec you cannot be Blinded. 5e .25s cast 20s recharge

or Antidote signet - Signet. Cleanse yourself of Poison, Disease, and Blindness 1s cast 8s recharge

7. (optional defensive skill - whirling defense, throw dirt, dodge etc.)

8. Resurrection signet / Flesh of my flesh

Lets talk damage first.

One spike chain (dual + dist) under a level 12 Order of the vampire does 3*(42 +5 +13) = 180 life stealing. x 4 rangers = 720. That should be enough. Even with one ranger disabled, you still have 540 life stealing.

Energy wise the build is perfectly sustainable at a rate of two spikes per 30 secs in average (2+7+2*(5+5+2))=33 energy for 2 spikes with seeking arrows on.

Second - the main counters:

a) Blinds - 6th skill sould be used to counter
Blocks - the Practiced stance / seeking arrows fits the build perfectly, since RtW is not needed.
c) Disabling one ranger - 3 can still kill effectively.

Spike support characters would include first an Order of Vampire spammer. The added damage from OoV on 4 spikers is 4*3*13= 156. In theory you could replace him with another spiker (does 141 dam without orders) but the OoV caster can do other stuff at the same time (and a 4 person spike is easier to get than a 5 person one). My favorite setup here is a Dervish/Necro with 12 blood, 9-12 mysticism and rest to Earth, using faithful intervention, vital boon and mystic regeneration, and healing others with imbue health and Signet of pious light.He also can make a good relic runner with Pious Haste and all the survival stuff on him.

This leaves 1 extra slot in HA and 3 in GvG - for GvG its the obvious 2 monks + runner.

For HA - my suggestion would be a LoD/Aegis Spammer monk. I see the two support chars (D/N and Mo/E) sitting in the backline and suporting the main 4 attackers with radar range spells. I'll even put a blood renewal on the D/N to support the Monk.

Support remote monk:


16 healing
13-15 Protection

Light of Deliverance
Heal party
Protective spirit
Shield of absorbtion
Dismiss condition
Holy veil

Support order spammer


12 Blood
12 Mysticism
11 earth

Order of the vampire
Faithful intervention
Vital boon
Mystic regeneration
Imbue health
Signet of pious light
Blood renewal
Resurection signet

Waiting for comments.

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