Pair of monk builds for 8v8 PvP

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Pair of monk builds for 8v8 PvP

Post  jeunfb on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:10 am

Monk builds for 8v8 PvP

14 protection, 12 divine favor, rest in healing – no superior runes

1.Zealous Benediction (elite)
2.Spirit bond
3.Dismiss condition
4.Shielding hands
5.Infuse health
6.Holy veil
8.Glyph of lesser energy

This monk has mostly healing and protecting jobs. He is the main spike counterer (with infuse followed by ZB on self), does the GoLE + Aegis (+SB or ZB to benefit the most from GoLE). Conditions are not his main priority.

11-12 healing, 9-10 in protection, rest in divine favor.

1.Restore conditions/Divert hexes
2.Gift of Health
3.Protective spirit
4.Shield of absorbtion
5.Dismiss conditions
6.Holy veil
8.Glyph of lesser energy

This monk does condition control (or hex control if you have a draw conditions somewhere). He also heals with GoH – this skill has to be spammed on recharge – the most effective heal skill ever. Chain Aegis on demand (against melee/ranger builds)

With Grenth’s nerfed, the prot monks are more and more viable (they were better than healing ones even before). There are some options for the secondary profession : assassin (less now), mesmer (for channeling, especially on the second monk, and for hex breaker to protect against Shame mesmers and Shadow prison meleers) and Warrior (very popular now for the improved defrensive stances - Shield Stance and Disciplined stance are the best choices). These options are better in GvG.

Each one of the monks has a decent survivability on his own. For a designated split monk, add some defensive stances to the ZB one (and raise tactics to 9 to get the shield extra bonus)

Standard gear for the modern monk in PvP includes :

1.Spear/axe/sword with 20% enchants and a set of Tactics shields, with 30 hp and +9 armor against various sorts of damage – spear is the preferred option.
2.Negative energy switch
3.Extra energy switch – a bit extreme but can help at times.

If you want to train in PvP Monking, take the first monk build, (maybe drop infuse for reversal of fortune) and add 2 defensive stances as skills 7-8 then go do RA. Its a harsh training but also the best there is.

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