*Nearly* All Ele Team Build, For GvG

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*Nearly* All Ele Team Build, For GvG

Post  jeunfb on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:08 am

Hi all. In a GvG once, I've played against a pretty nice (nearly)all ele team once. I wanna propose a team like this for future GvGing. It focuses on nukage from 3 SF eles and a smiter ele.

And without futher delay! *Drumroll*

3 SF eles:

Searing Flames
Glowing Gaze
Liquid Flame
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Fire Attunement
*Variable* (2 take Glyph of Sacrifice, 1 take Deep Freeze)
*Variable* (1 take Ressurection Chant, 1 Meteor Shower, and final Rez siggie)

Their Attributes:
12+1+3 Fire Magic
11+1 Energy Storage (12 if Meteor Shower)
6 Healing Prayers/Water Magic( +1 if water magic)

Mass pressure, spam skills, and if someone's overextended or a flagger desparately needs to be stopped, Deep Freeze them. The optional slot can be filled with a self heal or another damage spell


Blinding Surge
Ward Against Melee
Ward Against Foes
Ward of Stability
Ward Against Elements
Earth Attunement
Rez siggie

12+1+3 Earth Magic
10+1 Air Magic
8+1 Energy Storage


Spam wards and Surge any melee who happens to get too close to your backline. This person needs to watch out for Shadow Prison spikes.

Smiter/prot ele

Reversal of Fortune
Dissmiss Conditions
Smite Hex
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Balthazar's Aura or Aegis
Master of Magics
Zealot's Fire
Res siggie


12 Smiting Prayers
8+1+3 Energy Storage
10 Protection Prayers

Usage: Mantain Zealot's Fire and Master of Magic whenever possible, and with a lenthen enchantments staff. This character should be the first to use his rez siggie when someone's down. He should also use Glyph to manage and continously use Balthazar's Aura and another high-energy spell to mantain Master of Magic energy gain.

Boon Ele Healer

Ethreal Light
Dwayna's Kiss
Dissmiss Conditions
Holy Veil
Healer's Boon
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Heal Party


12 Healing Prayers
10 Protection Prayers
8+1+3 Energy Storage

Usage: Keep up Healer's Boon at all times - Energy Storage will help with this. Next, spam healing when needed. When Glyph and Aegis recharges, use them in that order, then a Heal Party to waste Glyph. Main Healing Monk

Finally, the last two spaces should be filled with the "usual" ZB or RC monk. I have no experience in what the flagger should be, so we can decided later. This team shouldn't split very much, as their survivalbility is not very high at all. It should mainly defend till VoD, then mass nukage the opposing NPCs at the flag stand. When we DO run a split, it should be 2 SF eles, a monk, and the flagger. The second should be the other 2 monks, the warder, and a SF ele(for defense or distraction). The flagger should be able to take on a light role of healing.

So what do ya think? *hopes for a positive reponse* http://www.theamazonbasin.com/gw/forums/index.php?showtopic=7550

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