Guild Hall Maps Illustrated, Know before you go!

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Guild Hall Maps Illustrated, Know before you go!

Post  jeunfb on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:06 am

This is a placeholder post that will contain illustrated maps of the different guild halls. It is hoped that this information will some day be put on the Basin's wiki with this post merely providing a reference to the different Basin wiki resources for the Guild Wars player.

Imperial Isle

This is the map of the Imperial Isle. Note that it is a large square with a flagstand in the middle. Each base has 2 doors. Each base also has walls overlooking its doors. Along the sides of the map are long corridors with acid traps. Teleporters placed on either side of the hall allow players to escape down one corridor, pop into a teleporter, and then cross to the other side of the hall in a blink.

Reduced: 91% of original size [ 697 x 599 ] - Click to view full image

Note the variety of options for players to use when running this hall.

If players wish to contribute comments, I'll edit them into this post, and then pull the information into the wiki, unless someone else wishes to do so. I'll post other maps here, too.

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