Ranger Spike, battle report

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Ranger Spike, battle report

Post  jeunfb on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:04 am

First of all, I wanted to thank everybody who participated in today's session. I really had fun.

Session Stats:

- record: 2-4
- max ppl in channel: 15 (last time it was 19 max WoW!)
- new tactics/builds used: Splitting with a Spiker team (nuts!), D/Ne orders build
- new ppl involved: 3
- fun matches: ALL!!
- One new monk stepped on

Today's learnings:

1- U can learn a lot playing casual GvG with predefined builds (I played paragon 4 the first time)
2- It's a lot better to lead when u know what build ur team is running
3- Splitting with a spiker build isn't that optimun
4- It's fantastic when u play with experienced ppl by ur side ( they really give good advice and help with strategy when u r DPed out)

What went wrong?

- I tried to follow FunkyJam ideas to make a more current Ranger Spike, but the build wasn't posted at TS channel so it was kinda messy at the begining
- My leading. first time in a paragon, I kinda su**ed at it
- Some ppl didn't know about the build and didn't have enough factions to unlock skills. I don't mean to exclude anyone from spiker sessions, but I'd really appreciate getting ready before hand
- We weren't prepared to face ALL those spike builds (we faced 4 top 400 teams iirc)

What I do appreciate:

- Mike (Yobbo) staying up late to participate
- Mental waking up at 4 am. and playing
- Pax and Eddie supporting my effort to get this rolling
- Robert 4 flagging (thx a lot)
- All our rangers, necros and flag runners
- FunkyJam 4 build and laeding ideas (It's a shame u wake up late )

Ty all 4 making my birthday (online day) a fun a pleasant one!!

Cya next saturday. http://www.theamazonbasin.com/gw/forums/index.php?showtopic=7657

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