Alternate Ritualist Build, Promise Nightmare Spirit Spiker

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Alternate Ritualist Build, Promise Nightmare Spirit Spiker

Post  jeunfb on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:03 am

This build is a suggestion for inclusion in GvG games
where a Rit spiker with one chanelling or communing
spirit is needed.


Let me start out by saying this build is a difficult
build to play well. The player must anticipate an
enemy non-spirit non-minion dieing.

Likewise, if the enemy is somehow evading being
killed for a significant amount of time (45s plus),
this build is not optimal.


1. To streamline a single Rit build so that it does
not require spreading attributes heavily three
ways... to effectively have two attributes at max...
while maintaining a level of self healing.

2. To increase the effectiveness of the spike,
increase energy gain, and greatly increase skill
recycle speed. Some Rit spirits are quite expensive
in energy cost, and yet last an extremely short period,
just several uses or hits before expiring, causing an
effective duty cycle of unacceptable level (example: a
level 8 spirit shelter with 210 health takes 48 damage
for every team member it effects... in an AOE type
damage hit this could mean the spirit will evaporate
almost immediately, leaving you spirit "dry" for 45

The Build (numbers if used are for specified attributes):

Channeling 16 (12+1+3) (headgear, superior rune)
Communing 14 (12+2) (major rune)
Deadly Arts: 3

Weapon Spell:
Nightmare Weapon 5e 1c 10r (target ally next 3 attacks reduced by 53 dam & steal up to 53 health)
Wielder's Strike 5e 1c 12r (target foe struck for 63 lightning, if you are under weapon spell, 63 more)
Essence Strike 5e 1c 8r (target foe struck for 63 lightning, if any spirits are in earshot, gain 10 energy)
Gaze From Beyond 5e 1c 10r (spirit nearest you loses 31 health, target foe struct for 124 lightning)
Lamentation 5e 1/4c 20r (if target foe in earshot of corpse or spirit, foe takes 106 damage)

Binding Ritual:
Shelter 25e 5c 45r (create lev 8 spirit, allies in earshot incoming damage limited to maximum of 10%
of their maximum health. Each time this happens the spirit loses 47 health. Spirit lasts 58s)

Deadly Arts:
Elite Hex Spell:
Assassin's Promise 5e 3/4c 45r (for 7 seconds if target foe dies, you gain 8 energy and all your skills
are recharged.)

Flesh of My Flesh 5e 4c (lose half your health, ressurect target ally with your current health and 5% energy).

Running the Build:
Put down the spirit (shelter) as soon as the team has settled into an area.

To spike hit the first five skills from left to right. Any attacks that hit (up to three of the four) will provide
53 healing to you for each hit.

Using Assassin's Promise is tricky. There are three scenarios when you cast it. The first is if the
target dies before the cast time is finished. This is ok, the skill remains ready to cast you are
just out 5 energy. The second is if you do it well and successfully cast it on a target, and that
target dies within seven seconds. In this case you gain 8 energy and all skills recharge (including
itself). The third case is when you cast it on a target too soon or a target that gets significant
healing to cause it to outlive the seven second deadline. In this case you must wait a full 45
seconds before you are able to attempt Assassin's Promise again.

Skills: A4Ni3Ayi8sxK2LzuJlz6tAvY
Equipment: RmGhcrNRKjCgiiMsTgii0T0iei0W9feiMsOgiiEW

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