GvG build id like to play, Post your thoughts

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GvG build id like to play, Post your thoughts

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:59 pm

Metagame Pressure: (hightest Chapter needed, assuming you have earlier ones)

D/W (Nightfall)
Wild blow, Wearying strike, Eremites attack, avatar of melandru, heart of fury, harriers haste, harriers grasp, res sig
Skills: AaMSqqqs7EUCwNX5r4Gd7tFA
Items: RmGC1EfSVn0Ukabp0Ukeii0Uk7pm0Ukg1o0UkbD

W/N (Factions)
Frenzy, severe artery, gash, sun and moon slash, dragon slash, rush, plague touch, res sig
Skills: ABJRkps4XA2Uv4a1PpJCAA
Items: RmHe6UPSSqJSmaNwicWi0TzcWiMscKWi8LdcWiMsucWiEFA

R/Mo (Factions)
natures renewal, tranquility, dust trap, barbed trap, apply poision or flame trap, whirling defense, oath shot, res sig
Skills: ACMxlxceGuTvM5ocWOVGhjAA
Items: RmGv5MaPKpyEmi0ITNmi0TELmi8IVCmiMseHmiMs

P/W (Nightfall)
Anthem of flame, Crippling anthem, agressive refrain, Signet of return, barbed spear, spear of lightning, go for the eyes!, blazing finale

R/Mo (Nightfall)
Savage shot, distracting shot, burning arrow, apply poison, natural stride, mend touch, troll ungent, res sig
Skills: AyQxLuKWz7oaeM62ZzvOv6bEAA
Items: RmGz5MaPSqyEmi0TTNmiMsELmi8IVCmi0IeHmi8F

Mo/E (Flagger) (Nightfall)
Storm djinns haste, Zealous benediction, prot spirit, mending touch, glyph of lesser energy, RoF, holy veil, shiled of absorbtion
Skills: AjNBCfMUHt6luekXRGzkaydF
Items: RmHL1ErQNBykqGVgwUkeakxUkhlOxUkloMwUkh10wUkmAA

2x Mo/x remerber your under Natures and Tranquility, so be carefull with the enchantments you take.
(maybe Mo/E with glyph) with Light od deliverance and Zealous benediction (dont you just love ZB at the right moment and gain 7,5 Energy?)

Sorry no Templates for the Paragon yet. Missing a few skills.
Trapper: Might turn that one into smth with intterupts, and a usefull wilderness preparation. http://www.theamazonbasin.com/gw/forums/index.php?showtopic=7740

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