Yobbos GvG build, Perhaps for Abie's Sat. morning hexers :-)

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Yobbos GvG build, Perhaps for Abie's Sat. morning hexers :-)

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:59 pm

OK The following is a build outline for a necro heavy team designed to spread degen and lots of it...what necro's do best . In case you don't know I love necro's and wanted to get necro's the recognition they deserved...look at all the GvG builds below and NOT ONE necro, shame on you all.

I call it: Bleedin fun .

I saw ulcerous lungs and really wanted to use it so this is what I came up with. Something similar is probably on wiki somewhere.

1 or 2 - Sword warrior/s...I know little of warriors except they hurt necro's. Role is to spike down bleeding targets low on health. and to divert attacks from squishy necro's. To me sever artery, dragon slash, gash and final thrust seemed nice.

2 - Ranger....I know a little about rangers. role is bleeding and pressure.
Barbed arrow, poison arrow {E}, Crossfire (conditional unblockable), called shot (unblockable), Distracting shot, savage, natural stride, res.

3 - Necro 1. Necro/mes.
Curses - Ulcerous lungs (base of build), suffering, Parasitic bond, FOC, enfeeble bleed cover more than anything, sig. of humility, (priority divert hexes monk or a sering flamer), mantra inscriptions , Res.

4- Necro 2. Necro/monk anti melee.
Curses of course - Ulcerous lungs, reckless haste, price of failure, enfeeble, FOC or Spoil Victor (prefer FOC), Parasitic bond, scourge healing, Res.

5 - Necro 3. Disease. Cover condition for bleed and more degen. Necro/Ele warder
Death- Tainted flesh, Animate shambling horror, rotting flesh, bitter chill (spike), well of profane, ward against melee, res.

6 - Monk -Divert hexes?...I HATE mesmers =/.

7 - monk - ZB/Prot??? know little of monking...too hard and always getting blamed .

8 - flagger. Prefer with LOD/extinguish.

So the rationale is to spread disease with Ulcerous lungs to gain 7 degen, then disease to top it out or faintheart on melee to get -10. It is a combination of hex and conditions applied rapidly making it hard to counter both effects.

Ranger is barbed/Poison arrow for cover condition or Melandru's {E) which is cheaper and does decent damage on enchanted foes allowing the ranger to maintain energy well and take troll??. He has 2 fast recharge unblockable attacks to help counter aegis. I think barbed/posion better for the degen and cover in one and also green bar equals hit and can ignore for a bit. A pink bar means Ulcerous is on....should be covered with PB or Suffering at the least.

Sword warrior should be able to get deep wound on multiple foes due to mass bleeding.
FOC/bitter chill/plunking from ranger for spiking on warriors call.

Necro 1 hits midline or casters with Ulcerous (hexes all nearby so decent range), covers with suffering, bit of parasitic then signet on monks if possible or casters if not, necro 2 hits melee front line and stays on them. Disease stays back with wards for folks to run back to if needed.

Splits would be ... um interesting. Depends what was sent to base.

Wards for help, once a few minions up most energy concerns should go. A barb paragon or another ranger with barbed and Ebon Dust Aura could be used. Could replace the 3rd necro (nooooo). People with paragon knowledge should be able to judge whether a paragon could spread bleed and cover conditions making him more useful than a 3rd necro or second ranger....im crying just thinking of it. If paragon used I would go suffering on both necros to cover Ulcerous and supply some extra degen. The degen is then totally dependent on hexes though. Also could be nice coupled with Price of failure...although I think chance to miss has a cap? Perhaps even 2 sword warriors for better spiking and pressure...not sure if a warrior could carry EDA...too much energy required probably?

Interested to see comments and if people think its viable.


EDIT...Major edit with barbed preparation...not sure how I missed it. http://www.theamazonbasin.com/gw/forums/index.php?showtopic=7763

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