Seeking input on a build

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Seeking input on a build

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:55 pm

I haven't min/maxed this yet and it is definetly a work in progress but I wanted to gather some input from the experienced folks here at The Basin!

Assumptions on Meta:
- Hexes are still very common.
- Conjure/Fire ele's are very common.
- Still plenty of generic balanced that rely on warrior pressure.

With those three things in mind.....

Warrior/Monk - Pressure
12+1+3 Axe, 10+1 Tactics, 7+1 Str

Eviscerate *
Mending Touch
Healing Signet
Res Signet

Ranger/Mesmer - Condition Spreader/Shutdown
8+1+1 Expertise, 8+1 Marksmanship, 5+1 Wilderness, 10 Domination, 9 Inspiration

Crippling Shot*
Apply Poison
Natural Stride
Distracting Shot
Troll Unguent
Signet of Humilty
Res Sig

Ranger/Ritualist - Offensive Trapper
12 Channelling, 8+1+1 Expertise, 10+1 Wilderness Survival

Trappers Focus *
Barbed Trap
Flame Trap
Nightmare Weapon
Dual Shot
Distracting Shot
Flesh of my Flesh

Ranger/Ritualist - Defensive Trapper
12 Channelling, 8+1+1 Expertise, 10+1 Wilderness Survival

Spike Trap *
Flame Trap
Nightmare Weapon
Dual Shot
Distracting Shot
Flesh of my Flesh

Mesmer/Ele - Defensive Shutdown
12+1+1 Domination, 8+1 FC, 10+1 Inspiration

Expel Hexes *
Shatter Enchantment
Power Drain
Drain Enchant
Signet of Humility
Mantra of Frost
Res Sig

Monk/Mesmer - Prot RC
8 Inspiration, 12+1+1 Prot, 5+1 Healing, 9+1 Divine

Restore Conditions *
Reversal of Fortune
Shielding Hands
Gift of Health
Spirit Bond
Mantra of Frost

Monk/Mesmer - Heal RC
8 Inspiration, 10+1+1 Healing, 9+1 Prot, 9+1 Divine Favour

Restore conditions *
Infuse Health
Heal Party
Dwayna's Kiss
Words of Comfort
Signet of Rejuvenation
Mantra of Frost

Monk/Elementalist - Runner
10 Air, 12+1+1 Healing, 8+1 Protection

Glyph of Energy *
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Heal Party
Blinding Flash
Chain Lightning
Windborne Speed

Okay, so here's how things synergise.

2x both spec'd at around 100s duration, turns all that meta game fire damage into cold damage and powers our monks and mesmer with Mantra of Frost, as well as providing a 39% damage reduction. Lovely.

We have mesmer on spike with Shatter Enchant/E.Burn, we have ranger on spike with dual+distract, we have 2x Ritualist Spikes using Nightmare Weapon, Dual shot, Distracting shot. In this case, NW does 42 life steal per arrow, so each rit contributes 126d, 252 coming from the 2 rits. Mesmer adds her punch. The ranger adds 3 arrows, dual+distract. This is enough to drop an already weakened foe and it all hits within 1.25s, plus jitter.

Huge Pressure build, the focus of the build.
- 2 x Trappers, spreading bleed, cripple, burning.
- Cripshot ranger spreading poison.
- Axe for applying deep wound.
- Pestilence to spread these all around when a target drops, if required.

Much lovely shutdown, although it mightn't seem like it.
- 2 x Blackouts to counter things that the build cant specifically counter (I love blackout)
- 2 x Signets of Humility to shutdown problem elites, in most cases, one is reserved for any enemy Restore Condition, the other likely to be deployed on LoD.
- 2 x Aegis, not quite a full strength chain and relying on the flagger to be present.
- Expel Hex mesmer to deal with hex teams.
- Blinding Flash on the flagger (subject to change)

- 2 x RC Monks, as Pestilence will also spread conditions around to US, can't take that risk, so we are packing one High Spec RC and one Low Spec RC.
- 2 x Heal Party, flagger plus healer RC.
- Energy from both channelling and Mantra of Frost on both monks, should be no problem powering their HP/Aegis's.

Dual Glyph flagger. GoE for powering Chain Lightning + Gale spam, GoLE for powering HP/Aegis/Blinding Flash. Speed boost. (Subject to change, not entirely happy with her lack of condition or hex removal).

Build Strengths

Condition heaven. Exceptionally strong at spreading conditions and providing enough shutdown to ensure that RC can't counter it. While the NW spike can go off every 10s with a net zero effect on energy, NW spike should probably only be proceeded by a Mesmer shatter to ensure arrows actually hit through Aegis, which drops the spike to 25s. No problem tho, as that means they have a good 15s to renew traps, spirits etc.
Monks should be remarkably survivable on todays Meta. Winter MUST remain up, but with 2 copies, long duration and a defensive trapper, we will quickly punish anyone who tries to take it down.
ZERO HEX BUILD. Intentionally. Hexes are starting to get some serious attention at the moment, and people are ensuring they bring along enough counters to make sure that hexes wont shut them down. With zero hexes in our build, we've immediately made 3-6 skills out of the enemy 64 skills useless.
AoE damage is huge from traps. Choosing our battlefield and prepping it is very important. It will be a movement game a lot of the time or a stand camp, we'll need to be very positive when we move, as moving puts us at risk.
Split is a bit tricky. Ranger (Conditions), Warrior and Flagger are the likely split but that will depend what we are facing. This leaves both trapper/spikers, all healing and all hex removal still present at the stand.

k, comments/feedback/thoughts welcome.

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