PvP Build and Character Resources, Character and Team Build Formats

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PvP Build and Character Resources, Character and Team Build Formats

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:55 pm

For the Sealed Deck Tournament, I needed to put together a build for a 4-person team. Since I have little in the way of build-craft, I needed a character/team builder. This post is a listing of resources.

1. Character/Team Builder: GWFreaks. This is a character and team builder program. The tool itself is on sourceforge.net, an important resource for Open Source programs. This tool has a lot of nice features. You can plug in the attribute points. When you load the skill bar, you can see exactly what happens when you swap out a major for a minor for a superior rune. Options include a Team Builder, where you can save your team template, and characters for the team. The tool can also keep track of your own unlocks. Later updates will hopefully include a way to keep track of quests. You can also export your builds to GWShack bb code.

2. Build Host: GWShack. This is a means for posting builds on the web. Each build has a template code associated with it, so when people visit the site, they can download and save the template code. Sadly, gwshack code doesn't work with InvisionPowerBoard. It does work with other boards, most notably vBulletin, though. A project for Basiners would be to see if anyone in the community is doing mod work to make gwshack compatible with IPB bbcode.

Are there other resources that people use?

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