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Strategy Index

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:52 pm

This index is for PvP strategies:

Overall PvP:
The Art and Science of Target Calling - Sir Bunnz
The art of Monk precognition, Knowing what will happen... - Laughing God
The Art and Science of Positioning, An Essay by Bunnz - Sir Bunnz
PvP Armor Guide, Info on Armor, Rune & Insignia choices - FunkyJam

Guild Versus Guild:
An introduction to Guild versus Guild combat - Monkeycid

Tactical Decision Making, A Essay on Guild Wars Leadership - Sir Bunnz

GvG show the monks some love, and other random advice - Malcolm

GvG and PvP General help and suggestions., PvP General play tips and Questions. - Jin

Guild Hall Maps Illustrated, Know before you go! (The Imperial Isle) - Ceolstan

GvG Flag/Repair Kit Running Guide, Discussion of Objectives & Tactics - Funky Jam
Flag running, How to do it - Naelok

Heroes' Ascent:

Team Arenas:

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