list of people interested in PvP

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list of people interested in PvP

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:48 pm

In an effort to compile an updated list of people who would be interested in playing PvP, I would like people to post here and let me know if they are still to be kept on the list, or if they want to be added to it.

This was the original post. I trimmed it down according to players I see posting, and in game, but I am unsure if I am doing it right. I need your help. Thanks

Boo//Hamster Named Boo
Ceolstan // Ceolstan Basin, Ceols Basin Clone

Filla Busta // Filla Busta
Donut // Coconut Donut, Kafkaesque Donut
Demonclaws //
Druss Dikeres// Druss dykeres
Dynatos // Ambrosia Valadra, Camaris Benidrivis, Myrrima Silverbow

Earendil // Earendil Wurmslayer
FierebladE // Teh Besto, Lord Fiereblade, Abyss Guardian, Gladiator Of Tyria
FoxBat // Fox Bat

Genos // Reeze Shard, Reeze Ia
IHaveNoChi // Aurelius Phragon
irish2 // Fion Macaill, Fionn Macaill, Aillel Molt, Fianna Macaill

Jin // Buffy Liatra, Faith Amatra, Jin Lemay, Field Medic Lemay (Perma pvp monk)
jfbrown42 // Jf Brown Basin, Ralksha Basin
Justin L // kitten defender

Kitt // Miss galrath, Miss perdition, Miss hablion
Kerwyn // Kerwyn Fozan
kousei // Matt Doragon

Laughing God // Laughing God, Laughing Gerbil
Lurk // Catrisy Winter, Lynn Fall, Nami Spring
Lyne// Amani Gaule

MammonLord // Barefoot Priestess, Mammon Lord
ManaCraft // Black Chainer, Black Disciple, Black Diviner
manveruppd // Cornelius Van Sporg, Amazon Bald Chick
Mister_Abc //[insert different names I have here] Alphabet
Monkeycid // Monkeycid De Basin, Monkeycid Von Basin

Pax // Vilde Vildevarg, Nurse Pax Varg

rancor22 // Mr Beastocity, Punk beastocity
ReleaseTheEvil // Release The Healing, Release The Chaos
Read // Read The Challenger
Real Life // Real Life
Rubics// Sen Barbacoa

SirBunnz // Aussie Bunnz, Flaming Gerbil
Sir Crimer // Amazon Crimer, Crime is King
Slartibartfast // Slarti Bartfast, Saintly Bartfast
Spallenzani // Ludwig Von Mises, Soft Whams, Gentle Whams

twolf // Tobias Wolf, Tobi Wolf, Toby Wolf
Trinity // Trinitys Nadja, Trinitys Sonja, Irina Andropova
Wall of Wonder // Wall Of Wonder, Wall Of Elements, Another Brick Wall, Healing Wall
Wim // Guy de Loimbard, Mila de Loimbard

Xelciu // Hamster Named Boo
Zelc // Farmer Zelc, Magical Zelc, Natural Zelc
2VipeRS // Viper of the Basin. Davia Vashaan

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