The Basin Build Collective, ...Come get involved in building our GvG Library

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The Basin Build Collective, ...Come get involved in building our GvG Library

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:46 pm

I would like to see the Basin's Guild Wiki become a useful resource for GvG builds.

To this end, I will be using this thread to enable us to collaborate on GvG Builds and then test them and populate our GvG Build Library on the Wiki.

Here is how I think it could work:
1) People post suggestions/ideas for a GvG build. These would be broad ideas like lets create an updated Ranger Shotgun Spike with Rit Weaponspells, or lets make a teleporting Ele Spike build, or lets make a build that is perfect for the Frozen Isle.

2) I will pick a suggestion and get the process started. I will start with a skeleton outline of the 8 characters, and we will develop the build by answering the following questions:
- How does the damage work
- What counters will hurt our damage and how do we counter the counters
- How will our defense work...vs spikes....vs splits...vs pressure...etc
- What Flagger works best with this build

3) Then we will put on the finishing touches
- Does the build have enough enchantment removal
- Does the build have enough hex removal
- Can the build survive vs the current metagame
- How does each character play (e.g. good energy mgmt, self heal when needed, not too many responsibilities).

4) Then we will create the templates & suggested gear

5) Then we will play the build on a Saturday GvG Session

6) Then we will add the build to our GvG Library on the Wiki

Throughout this journey, I hope that we can create good GvG builds. I hope that more people will get involved in making GvG builds. I hope that we can create a great library of builds for GvG leaders to pick from. I hope that we get to play some original and fun builds!

So lets get the ball rolling!

future place to links to the wiki

Build Name: TBD
Status: Step 1 Suggestions

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