Yours is a tough job.

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Yours is a tough job.

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:45 pm

Yours is a tough job. The good news is you have a lot of armor and can take a beating if targeted. Your job is to pressure with your spears and keep the chants pumping. Don’t underestimate your spear skills they can do a lot of damage if timed well with a go for the eyes. Before the fight cast aggressive refrain and KEEP IT UP using anthem of flame even if no enemies are near. Build energy using GO FOR THE EYES as energy management. Try to use lightning spear on the spike target and Harriers toss on moving targets. Always watch for hexes on your team, ASK THEM TO CALL NASTY HEXES they want removed and call 2 off #2 if you cast expel on the #2 team member. This lets the monk with hex removal know not to cast it on #2.

Use mirror of disenchant on elementalist attunements if you face an air ele or fire ele spike team. Otherwise it primarily used to remove aegis on the number 4 count of the spike if possible. Mostly just pump go for the eyes and anthem of flame as often as possible.


Vampiric Spear of Fortitude + Command Shield of Fortitude
Furious Spear of Fortitude + Paragon Shield of Fortitude..adrenaline gain.
Zealous Spear of Fortitude + Paragon Shield of Fortitude
Staff with +12 energy, a +15-1 energy inscription, of fortitude.

Armor should be radiant for the energy…you will need it until the go for the eyes chaining kicks in.


#1 Mo/A LoD Infuser
Healing Prayers 12+1+1, Divine Favor 10+1, Protection Prayers 8+1, Shadow Arts 2

Light of Deliverance {E}, Reversal of Fortune, Dismiss Condition, Infuse Health, Signet of Rejuvenation, Dwayna’s kiss, Protective Spirit, Return / Dark Escape

Healing Prayers Wand 20/-5e + Shield of Fortitude* (see notes)
Healing Prayers 20/20 Wand + Healing Prayers 20/20 Focus
Healing Prayers 20/+15e Wand + Healing Prayers 20/20 Focus
Healing Prayers 20/15e + Healing Prayers 20/+15e Focus
Healing Prayers staff with +60 Health (hale and fortitude) for when high DP.

#2 Mo/E RC Prot
Protection Prayers 12+1+1
Divine Favor 10+1
Healing Prayers 8+1

Restore Condition {E}, Reversal of Fortune, Gift of Health, Mending Touch, Deny Hexes, Divine Spirit, Glpyh of Lesser Energy, Aegis

Enchanting Spear of Fortitude + Shield of Fortitude* (see notes)
Protection Prayers 20/20 Wand + Protection Prayers 20/20 Focus
Protection Prayers 20/+15e Wand + Protection Prayers 20/20 Focus
Protection Prayers 20/15e + Protection Prayers 20/+15e Focus
A +60 health staff as above.

Discussion on monk tactics, given these are true "metagame" monks, probably deserves its own thread. Monks effective use of weapon swaps and equipment is a critical factor in the success of any team. Given their priority as targets and their importance to the rest of the team being able to do their job, they have the hardest micromanagement of pretty much any character. 3 Weapon sets are carried, each with a different level of energy (base set, +15/-1 set, +30/-2 set). Proficient monks also add a 4th set, which does a couple of different tasks. Typically, it uses a shield and a spear/axe that provides enchantment duration modifier, additional armor and hides energy from pesky mesmers.

The most important thing for this monk team to avoid are duplicate efforts at the same things, primarily conditions. Hexes also apply, but conditions are the biggest overlap. Restore Conditions is the primary condition removal, given its so effective and great healing besides. In most cases, leave conditions for the RC monk! The exceptions are if the RC is out of position, is conditioned themselves or both melee damagers have conditions. Then use the LoD/Infuse dismiss on one of those targets or if your infuser has Daze !!

SigRejuv is the LoD's bestest friend. One of your most cast spells will be SigRejuv and try to use it and Dwayna’s as heals. Remember Dwayna’s kiss heals extra on folks with hexes and/or enchantments and signet of rejuv. is NO ENERGY AND heals extra on folks casting spells or attacking, makes it a good warrior heal. LoD should be cast whenever 2 or more members are low on health, or likely to be low on health.

The prot monk is preimary condition removal and hex removal with the Paragon…remember to CALL ALL hex removals to avoid duplication. Always keep Divine Spirit recharging to allow 2 hexes to be removaed at a time. Also for crappy energy management.


Protection Prayers 12+1+1, Divine Favor 11+1, Air Magic 6.

Shield of Regeneration {E}, Protective Spirit, Aegis, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Dismiss Condition, Mending Touch, Storm Djinn's Haste, Reversal of Fortune.

Not much explanation needed for how to micromanage this character but whole essay's could be written on flagging. Primary flag carrier. Can alternate with E/Mo Blinding Surger if there is no melee characters in the enemy team. Lose a bit of spike but with no melee, they have minimal hard armor targets anyway and in return we get the Shield of Regen and another RoF with the party, which is a pretty good trade off!

You are primary base defender! If the base gets attacked, its pretty much your job to go find out whats happening, unless directed otherwise. COMMUNICATE. The most important role for any flagger/base defender is communication. You have to be able to make a judgement call and advise the leader. Can you hold whats attacking the base yourself? Can you delay them, how long? Do you need support? What kind of support? What is there? What is coming? Your leader cannot make effective decisions in confidence without your contribution. A flagger is the leaders right hand man. You get to see the parts of the battlefield that the leader doesn't. Talk. Talk some more. Keep the leader informed of whats going on.

Equipment Basic stuff:
Craft 7 different shields and carry them in your inventory. Same base shield but each providing additional armor against the different damage types in the game. A Searing Flames team means a quick 1 second swap and you have an extra 10 armor versus fire damage, immediately reducing, by a large chunk, the incoming damage. Make one for:
Piercing "Through Thick and Thin"
Slashing "The Riddle of Steel"
Blunt "Not the face!"
Fire "Sleep Now in the Fire"
Lightning "Riders On The Storm"
Cold “Leaf on the Wind”
Earth "Like a Rolling Stone"

If you have an available weapon switch, bring an elemental weapon. No, you aren't supposed to beat up on warriors, especially not with this template, but I guarantee you there are situations where you will be doing just that (especially if the opposing warriors are frenzy happy, which any good warrior is). It's one of the few times where another mod can actually beat the damage output of the vampiric mod. It's the exception rather than the rule.

Most folks talk of an efficiency set…usually ½ fast cast and skill recharge X 2. This has no health benefits or energy management. A defensive set…usually a shield/s (see above) and a sword with – energy mods for energy hiding. A general set, perhpa ½ cast/recharge and a fortitude mod. This is the basics…expert players also switch between sets for particular spells in another etc. but that is a bit crazy unless you are LEET, unlike me.

Always try to have a +60 health weapon set incase you rack up a lot of DP. As a rule you should also have increased energy switches available for a push situation or when desperate.

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