Aussie PvP Build Thread, Updates on where its at..

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Aussie PvP Build Thread, Updates on where its at..

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:43 pm

Its been tweaked and played around with a bit. This is how it looked Sunday, mostly. Changes are listed in italics from the "old" build.

W/E Shock Axe
Axe Mastery 12+1+3
Tactics 10+1
Strength 8+1
Air Magic 2

Eviscerate {E}
Executioner's Strike
Disrupting Chop
Healing Signet
Resurrection Signet

Me/Mo Mantra Mesmer
Domination Magic 12+1+1
Fast Casting 10+1
Inspiration Magic 8+1
Healing Prayers 2

Mantra of Recovery {E}
Energy Burn
Shatter Enchantment
Power Drain
Power Leak
Resurrection Chant

(Remember the 20/20 Healing set for res chant!)

E/Mo Bsurge Ele
Air Magic 12+1+1
Earth Magic 10+1
Energy Storage 8+1
Protection Prayers (remaining)

Blinding Surge {E}
Lightning Orb
Lightning Strike
Ward versus Melee
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Air Attunement
Resurrection Signet

Mo/A LoD Infuser
Healing Prayers 12+1+1
Divine Favor 10+1
Protection Prayers 8+1
Shadow Arts 2

Light of Deliverance {E}
Dismiss Condition
Dwayna's Kiss
Infuse Health
Signet of Rejuvenation
Holy Veil
Protective Spirit
Return / Dark Escape

Scythe Mastery 12+1+2
Mysticism 12+3

Avatar of Melandru {E}
Wearying Strike
Victorious Sweep
Eremite's Strike
Distracting Blow
Heart of Furty
Resurrection Signet

Spear Mastery 12+1+1
Command 9+1
Leadership 9+1

Spear of Lightning
Harrier's Toss
Anthem of Envy (I thought this was removed, but can't recall what it was replaced with)
Anthem of Flame
"Go For the Eyes!"
Cruel Spear (Expel Hexes is still a very valid choice here!)
Mirror of Disenchantment
Signet of Return

Skills : OQWkIMlsZimzDuBXUvwVYLsuTeD
Equipment : Pk5RRPDoC9YIqpWZq2ppI906ppINGlp7bvW1p5bDr5p5btG

Mo/E RC Prot
Protection Prayers 12+1+1
Divine Favor 10+1
Healing Prayers 8+1

Restore Condition {E}
Reversal of Fortune
Gift of Health
Spirit Bond
Mending Touch
Deny Hexes
Spirit Bond
Divine Spirit

Protection Prayers 12+1+1
Divine Favor 11+1
Air Magic 6

Shield of Regeneration {E}
Protective Spirit
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Dismiss Condition
Mending Touch
Holy Veil
Storm Djinn's Haste
Reversal of Fortune

As you can see, only a few changes. Its not a hard and fast rule, a number of skills are perfectly capable of changing. The "roles" filled by the characters can roughly be described as follows, along with some potential substitute options:

Warrior - Spiker - Can easily sub in any other hard armored, high burst damage, medium sustained pressure damage character in here. Another Paragon. Another type of warrior. Skills can be mixed around, can go conjure/Axe. Swords. Easily tweakable character, just keep the high spike damage and sustained pressure.

Dervish - Spiker/Pressure - Again, easily subbed character. Only role is pressure damage and contribution to the spike. Usually pressures off target to warrior, so deep wound infliction is useful. Same subs possible as above, probably also capable of being played effectively as a Ranger spiker and even as another warrior.

Paragon - Spiker/Pressure/Damage Add - I'm not even confident the listed build is the best in this slot. Definetly subbable for any character that can increase the damage output of the two key spikers and contribute some themselves. A necro with orders, a ranger, a sin, another war, an ele. Huge options here, as long as there is a high element of sustained damage output.

Mesmer - Shutdown/Spike - Critical to successful operation of the build. Not much room for playing around with this toon, the bar is very standard and for a good reason. Second interupt can be fiddled around with a bit, Power Leak can easily be replaced with Drain Enchant (more energy!), Leech Signet (skill interuption + Energy Management), Anti warrior hex etc. Its about the only skill on the bar thats variable.

Elementatlist - Shutdown/Defense - Critical defensive component. Tinkering around the edges can be done but be aware this toon really doesn't have all that much extra time. Gale, Strike, Orb are variable skills. Needs something to contribute to the spike and some ability to switch to flag running duties if you face melee-light enemies.

Monks - Defense - What to say? Any 2 "compatible" monk bars should work fine. Wards + Blind should minimise the need for an Aegis chain, which free's up key skill slots and also allows the use of Return/Dark Escape Ninja's, which just rock! The two listed monks are probably reasonable meta monks. RC can switch to SoD if you pick up extra condition removal elsewhere.

Flagger - Defensive Flagger - Needs to be able to hold against a gank squad until help arrives, so poor ole flagger gets stuck on defense. Probably not all that much space for playing around with these skills either, although if the monk team changes, the contribution from the flagger should probably also change.

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