Uber Whacky GvG Wednesday Builds!, Post em here!

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Uber Whacky GvG Wednesday Builds!, Post em here!

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:42 pm

Well, at around 11:30 EST, GvG Wednesday was getting tired of losing. I decided it was getting late so after the next battle I'd go to bed; Except someone came up with an idea: Everyone bring their favourite gank character, make sure it has a self heal and just go CRAZY!

It sounded like we'd lose right? However, we ended up with 3 Rangers, 1 monk, 1 1/2 monk-1/2flagger, a warrior and an assassin. First game: A close loss with their Guild Lord at 10% health. It was a 5 minute game. It was a quick game so I stayed around for another. We ganked their Guild lord to 1% health when the monk started healing. Part wipe. Okay, we tried again. What was amazing was we found that this build could go crazy, OR come together and completely annihilate the other team! We won that one eventually and two more after it.

I took a break and it's why I'm typing this right now at 1:00 in the morning. I would like EVERYONE who played yesterday to post the build they were using here, so that we can do this again! I heard at least 5 people including myself say that it was the most fun they'd had in a LONG while.

So post your builds! I'll keep a list on the first post. I'll start:

R/P Modified Pack Hunter
Skills Template: OgkkYhXHGWyzmh2obMOP4gsC23A

8+1 Beast Mastery
7+3+1 Expertise
8+1 Wilderness Survival
12 Spear Mastery
(This was on a non-optimized PvE toon, results may vary)

Charm Animal
Comfort Animal
Ferocious Strike
Tiger's Fury
Spear of Lightning
Vicious Attack
Blazing Spear
Troll Unguent

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