Magwill's Pressure Build!

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Magwill's Pressure Build!

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:41 pm

I have had this build in mind for a long time, but have never even tried to play it in a real GvG. If you guys want to try it I would be very happy Its not a build that is planned to take out every single enemy team there is. But it will be very strong against many I think. A massive hex team will be very hard.

It requires a lot of damage prevention as it barely has any defence except for the fact of 4 high armor targets where 3 have self heal.


3 W/D with Primal Rage (yes!)
1 Paragon which supports the warriors
1 Mesmer which keeps the warriors clean
1 LoD infuser Mo/A
1 RC monk Mo/A
1 Water ele runner

The Primal Rage warrior W/D

Pretty straight forward, look at the skills and you will understand how it works Idea is to have the three warriors training one target each, and coordinating spikes occasionally. 1 warrior on each monk, and the last one going on whatever character is preventing our kills the most.

Template Code: OQojExVYqO/MhyRxN2VYKBABAA

Strength: 10+2 = 12
Tactics: 8+1 = 9
Scythe Mastery = 12

We need the healing sigs on the warriors as we dont have much defense. Please consider that we have 4 high armor guys in our build and 3 of them are bringing self heal. Also kiting with Fall Back on you is healing some. Played right, this build should survive.

Primal Rage
Power Attack
Griffon's Sweep
Leviathans Sweep
Bull's Strike/Signet Of Strength (its a question about more pressure or a great utility skill)
Healing Sig
Res Sig

The reason there are no Adrenaline skills is that you lose all your adrenaline when you use Primal Rage! But Primal Rage is 5 energy and you wont use any energy skills for 10 seconds, meaning you will get decent energy refill.

Special Gear:
+15% scythe sundering fortitude (20% AP, +30 health)
+15% scythe elemental damage (dont take fire as we might have water snares) fortitude for pressuring warriors.
Stoneskin gloves if you run Bull's Strike (additional knockdown)

Since we are dealing a lot of critical hits with a scythe that AP upgrade will prove to be better than vampiric. AP means more when you deal a high amount of damage and its only then it deals more DPS than vampiric. When using Primal Rage, your base AP goes to 20% (this means your AP from your strength attribute is disregarded as 20% is the highest base AP). Then the AP upgrade will give you a 20% chance to get an additional 20% AP resulting in 1 out of 5 hits dealing 40% AP.

The Support Paragon P/W

Basically he gives the speed boost, critical hits and extra armor for the team and is contributing with the Deep Wound that is lacking from the warriors. Always have Aggressive up. Notice that they are all "Shouts", meaning that you can use them at any time and you can keep gaining adrenaline by pressuring targets (you will deal a lot of damage). Spamming Go For The Eyes and Watch Yourself and Charge will keep the refrain up for sure.

Template Code: OQGkUllopimjFmt4uDy7YuybReD

Tactics: 9
Spear Mastery: 10+2 = 12
Command: 8+1 = 9
Leadership: 9+1 = 10

"Go For The Eyes!"
Aggressive Refrain
Vicious Attack
"Fall Back!"
"Watch Yourself!"
"Shields Up!"
Signet of Return

Special Gear:
1 spear with +15% damage, 10% adrenaline and +30 health
Bring a vampiric version of this too, although it shouldnt be needed much. You want to have the adrenaline gain all the time.

1 spear with +5 energy, 10% adrenaline and +30 health.
Bring fortitude shield with blind duration lowered if you have to solo without monks or runner.
1 Staff with + energy so you can get your refrain up if you lose it.

Support Mesmer Me/Mo

Template Code: OQNFApwT2zHTGQ3dT8ADhiARANC

The job of the mesmer is to keep hexes but also conditions off the warriors. He will of course be assisted by the monks, but the idea is to have one person dedicated on doing this. He also has a second hard res. Then it was the question if we are going power leak or diversion. My conclusion was that we need some kind of shut down skill if the enemy team has some character which has skills we need to remove. While the warriors aren't that shut down by blocking enemies, there are still certain prot skills that can be well exploited with enchant removal.

If we face a team which doesn't use hexes at all, You will have to use diversion and enchant removes a lot obviously. Also you will have enough energy to spam Draw Conditions, which you will do on most people and the RC monk can just cast his RC on you all the time.

Fast Cast: 9+1 = 10
Domination Magic: 12+2 = 14
Inspiration Magic: 9+1 = 10
Protection Prayers: 1
Healing Prayers: 3

Power Drain
Expel Hexes
Shatter Hex
Shatter Enchantment
Drain Enchantment
Draw Conditions
Resurrection Chant

LoD Monk Mo/A

Template Code: OwcU04HC1vM1j66GZTf3qJkEBGA

Divine Favor: 10+1 = 11
Healing Prayers: 12+2 = 14
Protection Prayers: 8+1 = 9
Shadow Arts = 2

Prot Spirit / Reversal Of Fortune
Light Of Deliverance
Dwayna's Kiss
Dismiss Condition
Signet Of Rejuvenation
Holy Veil
Infuse Health

RC Monk Mo/A

Template Code: OwcU0wHD1vMzEKSY8uaT+eaRBGA

Divine Favor: 10+1 = 11
Healing Prayers: 8+1 = 9
Protection Prayers: 12+2 = 14
Shadow Arts = 2

Reversal Of Fortune
Restore Conditions
Shield Of Absorbtion
Divine Spirit
Deny Hexes
Gift Of Health
Spirit Bond

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