Aussie GvG Builds, Post your unique builds that you want to run.

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Aussie GvG Builds, Post your unique builds that you want to run.

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:41 pm

K we have Casual GvG, wacky even which I might add kept me up till 4am one morning and was an absolute truck load of fun. Gank away folks.

But we down South have some sophistication and WILL be running a defined build. Of course the problem now is which build???

YES Aussie GvG needs a new build. We have talented folks here and I want them to post builds and some brief outline of how to run it/roles etc...brief is fine, we don't need Bunnz style detail. WIKI builds or optimisation thereof are fine, however original would be likely to garner more votes. Remember it has to be runnable by new folks and have at least a few different classes as not everyone has full unlocks etc...

Then in 2-3 weeks time we are going to vote and what ever build gets the most votes gets the gong for the next 3 weeks. A single build can get voted in multiple times, I don't care. And the builds stay here and can be edited etc...

OH and I reserve the right to the tie breaker vote . It will save re-voting/arguments and time...if you don't like my choice take it up with me (oh and good luck ).

Remember we are on builds to suit it would be nice.


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