A new build for GvG, Based on the current meta

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A new build for GvG, Based on the current meta

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:40 pm

These days, the meta is focused on only two very gimmicky builds: VoDway and heroway.

VoDway's main power is a split team focused on ganking as fast as possible, and a defensive team that does nothing but defend. It's very similar to the assassin gankers build we're running. Usually, it involves two assassins ganking, 2 mesmers with Signet of Illusion and MoR to apply a wide area of pressure and character hate. The idea is to use Signet of Illusion to fire off a spread out anti-melee spells and backfire for casters. The MoR mesmer will usually run more of a caster hate with Diversion and wards for melee characters. MoR will mean the team can advance easily and set up warding at a new location spontaneously. The two monks in the build is pretty standard LoD and SoD. The flagger is also a pretty standard SoR water flagger. The last spot is often filled by a Paragon, with Defensive Anthem as the teammates that need it will rarely hit, and other party wide unstrippable support. This makes flag stand holding a breeze, and the other base will go down fast with two assassins ganking.

Heroway is the abuse of hero's excellent minion mastery and the necro's Soul Reaping spell. Using Animate Bone Minions, it provides the necros with an abundance of energy, and N/Rt healers will easily outstrip the opposing monks' healing output. Barbs is used to amplify minion damage. The team is usually made of 3 spots filled with Discord necros, thumpers, and/or fire eles. Two spots are filled with a minion master, and a curses necro for anti-melee. The healer's spots are N/Rt, for abusing SR. Finally, a water flagger can hold off ganks extraordinarily well. If a team splits, the water flagger goes back, and the hero team goes to kill the split's base. The NPCs make an abundance of corpses, which usually spells dead when combined with Barbs.

With that in mind, I'll attempt to make a countering build.

1. Every builds needs a melee. Casters need energy for damage, but a melee character can simply whack away. Even frenzy will put them on par with a Firestorm. Shock Axe supports this concept extremely well.

12+1+3 Axe
10+1 Tactics
8+1 Strength

Executioner's Strike
Agonizing Chop
Bull's Strike
Resurrection Signet

2. Looking at how both of the above builds needs the casters to do somewhat well, Energy Denial is key. The problem is, mesmers do not do mass energy denial very well, but what else? Fear Me. Also there's the problem about blocking. Fortunately, assassins can dish out a whole attack chain ignoring block

11+1+2 Dagger Master
11+2 Critical Strikes
8 Tactics
rest in Shadow Arts

Golden Fox Strike
Wild Strike
Shattering Assault
"Fear Me!"
Way of Perfection
Shadow Walk
Resurrection Signet

3. There's still the matter of anti-caster. Simply E-denial isn't gonna do it by itself. MoR Diversion is still a great combo for being an anti caster though

11+1+2 Domination
11+2 Fast Casting
8+1 Inspiration
Rest in Healing prayers

Mantra of Recovery
Power Drain
Remove Hex
Power Leak
Resurrection Chant

4. The builds above does not really need much anti-melee, but it's still nice to have if we meet a balanced team. We'd also need eles for wards, which means the charater will have to be a E/x, or N/E. Me/E might work as well, but E/Mo is the one I decided on.

11+1+2 Air
10+1 Energy
10+2 Earth

Air Attunement
Elemental Attunement
Blinding Flash
Lightning Orb
Shell Shock
Ward Against Melee
Grasping Earth
Resurrection Signet

5. The final skill that really counters heroway extremely well is Verata's Aura. vocal Minority will mincemeat any paragons The even better thing is, they all belong to necromancers xD

12+1+3 Curses
12+1 Soul Reaping

Vocal minority
Parasitic Bond
Shadow of Fear
Verata's Aura
Death Pact Signet

6 and 7. Pretty much the normal LoD + SoD monks

8. Water flagger of course

12 Prot
10+1+3 Water
7+1 Energy
Rest in Air Magic

Reversal of Fortune
Shield of Regeneration
Dismiss Conditions / Mending touch
Blurred vision
Freezing Gust
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Storm Djinn's Haste
Holy Veil

Opinions would be greatly appreciated http://www.theamazonbasin.com/gw/forums/index.php?showtopic=8811

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