Balanced Interrupt Team: Suggested Build for casual wed, Need feedback/comments please

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Balanced Interrupt Team: Suggested Build for casual wed, Need feedback/comments please

Post  jeunfb on Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:36 pm

Putting this on a thread alone for discussion (comes from here: clicky)

Balanced Interrupt Team

1. W/Rt - Hammer
Template : OQgjExTc4MGW+6YBsI1YKAgLGA
Attributes: Hammer 12+1+1
Strenght 12
Restoration 3

Enraging Charge
Devastating Hammer*
Crushing Blow
Fierce blow
Bulls Strike
(optional: a heal, another speed boost, another attack)
Death pact signet or flesh of my flesh prolly better for casual

2. W/D - Axe
Template: AhKiEHxj/VrIVgKUFmyPRAA
Attributes: Axe 12+1+1
Strenght 12

Bulls Strike
Rending Touch
Disrupting chop
Executioner Strike
Res signet

*warriors build up their adrenal on w/e and the leader calls targets and spikes as he sees fit, #2 uses rending touch to remove prot spells on the target to spike
*warriors suggested weapons: furious and vampiric
*switch targets often
*rush and enraging charge aside form speed boost can cancel frenzy or flail when needed

3. P/W
Template OQGjUplK6OT4K8DuIzVeLub5NA
Attributes: Leadership 11+1
Spear mastery 10+1+1
Tactics 10

Aggresive Refrain
Defensive Anthem*
Anthem of Flame
Spear of lightning
Wild throw
Watch yourself
Shields up
Signet of return

*Furious and vampiric weapons
*AR at the start, keep up with anthem of flame
*defensive shouts when needed
*coordinate defensive anthem with aegis monk so u dont overlap
*assist spikes

4. E/Rt blindbot warder // Alternate char to this at the bottom if this post
Template: OghkgwJJTGOT4AZcVFFljsKs4iB
Attributes: Air 12+1+1
Energy Storage 9+1
Earth 9+1
Restoration 3

Air Attunement
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Orb
Ward against melee
Flesh of my flesh

*can change to E/Mo, drop Light orb and take draw conditions and res signet
*air and earth hct/hsr sets
*enchant set for attunement
*defensive set
*survivor insignias

5. R/Mo
Template: OgMU8kLjxsOzmEzjR1kX/1+GBAA
Attributes: Marksmanship 10+1+1
Wilderness Survival 8
Expertise 12+1
Protection 2

Crippling shot*
Apply poison
Distracting shot
Savage shot
Mending touch
Natural stride
Troll unguent
Res signet

*poisonous recurve and long bow
*Spread poison around
*Interrupt w/e u can
*cripple warriors or those who annoy your monks, also fleeing targets
*heal and clean yourself
*pick your own targets, u should be interrupting and spreading poison, assist spikes when u can

6. E/Mo - Flagger // Alternate char to this at the bottom of this post
Template: OgNEsMjt+ysOMrTj8KI5jILcHA
Attributes: Water 12+1+1
Energy storage 8+1
Healing 10

Ether Prodigy*
Mending touch
Heal Party
blurred vision
freezing gust
ice spikes
Healing Breeze
Armor of mist

7. Mo/E
Template : OwYT00HDxhiMTCjCkWiWEZEQAA
Attributes: Prot 12+1+1
Healing 10
Divine 8

Reversal of fortune
Glyph of lesser energy
Gift of health
Restore condition*
Remove hex
Spirit bond

*coordinate aegis with defensive anthem so u dont overlap
*remove conditions of everyone but the ranger, u dont have a self condition removal, call them so the other monks clean you

8. Mo/Me
Attributes: healing 12+1+1
Prot 9+1
Divine 9+1
domination 3

Word of Healing*
Reversal of fortune
Dwaynas kiss
Dismiss Condition
Prot Spirit
Divine Spirit
Deny hexes
Hex breaker

For Casual Wednesday this is just a general guideline, you dont have to follow the exact build. Take this as a base and add/remove skills and stuff depending on what you are comfortable with, especially what you know

Alternate chars:

4. Me/E
Template: OQZEAZoTmo8Crgov1VgPALCA
Attributes: Illusion 10+1+1
Inspiration 9+1
Fast casting 9+1
Earth 9

Conjure Nightmare
Auspicious incantation
Inspired Enchantment
Signet of Humility
Ward against melee
Res signet

*HCT/HSR illusion set // earth // high energy set // defensive set
*radiant insignias
*drop conjure for MoI for constant sig of humility
*leech signet instead of humility for an interrupt

4. Me/E
Template: OQZEApwzkJgRGecSRIDrAA
Attributes: Domination 12+1+1
Inspiration 3+1
Fast casting 9+1
Earth 9

Energy surge*
Power leak
Power drain
Shatter enchantment
Ward against melee
Res signet

*not sure about the attributes on this one yet

6. Rt/D - Flagger
Template: OAqjEyiM5MY7MW886NM9mYsDMA
Attributes : Restoration 12+1+1
Channeling 12+1
Spawning 3

Weapon of remedy*
Weapon of warding
Wielders Boon
Weapon of shadow
Protective was kaolai
Splinter Weapon
Ancestors Rage
Pious Haste

Alternate Frontline

Dervish (Avatar of Melandru)
Warrior - sword (crippling slash)

*yes i need to work on gear and usage more

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