2moons Doesn't Start Up & Can't Connect to Website either?

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2moons Doesn't Start Up & Can't Connect to Website either?

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:34 pm

I have been getting this problem since the 3rd Dec iam an EU (uk) player have been very active.

Since this the 3rd when I play the game i'll get disconnected from Server. Try to got back in and via the minilauncher or the normal launcher and it just sits there the launcher doesn't pop up with updating etc.

Now when this happens i can't even log on to the 2moons website o-0? As if my ip has been blocked. i believe I am fully compliant... with rules and reg's so i don't think that I am banned coz for some reason after some time (sometimes a whole day) Iíll just double click the icon and the launcher will run ..."connecting..., "preparing...as it normally does and the game starts. I have not been able to come online all day until now? (that includes both the game and site.) I have reinstalled, allowed 2moons full access via the firewall. Another thing to add whilst i have issues with connect to the game i still have full Internet access to all other games and websites.

I have just been speaking to another UK base friend with the same problem. Just stays on launcher and nothing else happens

I have a Quad Core pc with 2GB or Ram running on Vista & he's on XP (my friend)

I have also tried to reinstall the game in the C: dir not C/program... also got rid of the local host as suggested and still the problem persists

So please is there anyone out there that can tell me how to get this issue fixed.

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