2moons Diarrhead on me. HELP

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2moons Diarrhead on me. HELP

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:32 pm

Hey, i have been playing 2moons for about a week and a bit. it started off great but just recently whilst i was playing it told me i was disconnected from the server. and then 2moons closed and came up with an error. E.g. Error code: XXXX-XXXX-XX-XXX or something of the sort. and now i am unable to even run the program updater so therefore i cannot open and run the game. i have reinstalled it about 3 times and now i can run it but one i log in and choose my character it diarrheas.
sooooooooo i heard there is a file that can stop this happening if you delete it.
please help

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