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2 moons ....

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:37 pm

So few times ago 2moons got launched, so i will try to give you a little view of this game, i started today to i wont be able to speak about
all the game (i mean things like pvp) but i'll try to introduce it.

So 1st of all : Sorry for my crap english i'am french i do what i can ^^

2 moons

1) The story

Lets begin by the story i wont give you the full version but a short one :

The story is about a mystik girl named Trieste, who appear when both moons cross in the sky. She come on Haran wich is a country ravaged by the
devil, she succeed to lock up devil behind a door sealed by her own blood. At the same time, a king named Tirus figh against an other king named Rictus
in Haran. Tirus beat Rictus and ban him from haran. Rictus, following his stupidity, Open the closed door thinking he was able to control devil to get a
new army, he got killed and the devil take back the control of Haran. Tons of ppl got killed so Tirus suicide himself chocked by this carnage.
Only Two Town stay up, weak people can continue to do their activity like fishing or create item, but strong one will be able to fight.
Some legends say that if you stay alive till the next moons cross, so the story said that Trieste will come back again...

full version of story in here : http://phpbb.acclaim.com/2moons/viewforum.php?f=26

2 ) Professions

Reduced: 84% of original size [ 760 x 666 ] - Click to view full image
Bagi Warrior are missing on the pic

The is 5 type of profession in 2moons :

- Azure Knight
- Sagita Hunter
- Incar Magician
- Vicious Summoner
- Segnale
- Bagi Warrior

2.a) Azure Knight

Azure Knight is a knigh who stand in the front ligne during battle equipped with an heavy armor and strong weapons like one or two handed sword,
little axe or two handed one,club or hammer, he can have a sheild too. He is expert in physical attack.

2. Sagita Hunter

Sagita Hunter are the pride of hunter in Haran. They are equipped with a light armor and fight ennemy from far away using a bow wich
never miss his target. Sagita family is a respected one in haran, if someone doupt about their talent, he will be to slow to realise that
he already have an arrow through his heart.

2.c) Incar Magician

Incar magician are specialised in magical attack. They are wearing beatiful light robes and they are using rodes or magical stave.
It incarnates the charm combining the destroying power, while maintaining the enemy far away.

2.d) Vicious Summoner

When Karon opened the door of the strange Border, demons waked up and with the help of Summoner, now we can control demons. By combining
double one handed sword of summoner, they succeed to have a great attack power like a swird in a battleground.

2.e) Segnale

She live in the strange border. Named : "Segnale of hell", she approch of their target with a great speed to attack it with all their power.
They are feared by all in the country.

2.f) Bagi Warrior

Legends says that thoose big guy make their armor with the rest of their victim. Known for there hight strengh, they use thier hand to quake the ground.
They got some magic to increase their resistance and strengh.

So its the "official" description of each type of char.
But i'll try to give an exemple of class comparaison to make it clear and the weapon they use.

Azure knight : warrior (one or two handed sword, axe one or two handed, hammer , sheild)
Sagita hunter : hunter (bow)
Incar Magician : Magician (rod or stave)
Vicious summoner: Seems to be like a demonist in wow but with 2 one handed sword, they have a pet. (double one handed Sword)
Segnale : Priest (sort of whip)
Bagi : For thoose who played Lineage 2 its like tyran but seems to be little stronger about the armor. (fist weapon)

3 ) Character creation

So when you create you character, you can choose his profession (of course) but you cant customise his or her face, or i didnt find it.
So all ppl have the same skin (diablo2 style). Just put the name (4 letters min bouhouuuuu cant create Nyu ) and choose your server.

4 ) Gameplay

The gameplay in 2 moons is quite nice, you can control your char with a w s d except when your are a french like me with an azerty keyboard,
or you have to switch your keyboard in qwerty mode but quite boring to type after that.
For the keyboard its quite the same shortcut we have on all game, q for quest, i for inv ect...
About the mouse there is Two different type of gameplay, you can choose wich one you want to use in option.

The 1st one is : 1 left click you select target, double left click you attack it, right click use the selected skill
The 2nd one is : 1 left click you attac target, right one use skill.

Ill check that to confirm this iam not sure.

Of course you can move with the mouse and move your view by keeping down the right click and move your move. Scroll to zoom unzoom and middle click
to put the view to the north and zoom out.

An other cool things is the fast loot with space bar

5 ) Quest, stats and skill

Of course when you say mmorpg, you have quest so iam only at the begin but you have quest like kill 10 mobs or quest like go speak to this npc and this
one ect... i will complete this when i will get an higher lvl.

About skill, you have to buy a book to be able to put point in it to increase the lvl of the skill. You can buy book at trainer npc of your class.
Of course you cant use all book form lvl 1, Books have lvl req to use them. When you have a book for a skill just right click on it to learn the skill.

About stats point there is a cool things its that you can preview the distribution of point before valid it.
you have 4 type of stats point :
- Str
- Dex
- Heal
- Spr

6 ) Pvp

Coming soon when i will have a nice lvl to try to do some pvp but i can tell you that you can make a duel with anyone anywhere (in town or outside).
You just have to ask a duel to someone.

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