Open Beta: 30th July!

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Open Beta: 30th July!

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:08 pm

JULY 30th, 2007

Now I know that seems far away, but we had the engineering team come out from Korea and we are preparing for a huge launch. While they were out here they identified some things that need to be added such as firewall servers, and different game servers. They also are working on the financial systems for the next build which includes a fully functional item store. We also want to do some internal testing to make sure as many bugs are identified and dealt with. We got to see a new extremely cool (insane) PVE and PVP battle mode that is in the works for a future build while we were in LA. You guys will think it's killer. I can't wait to get in there with you. We also have come up with some very fun events for the game as well as forum events. I am sooooo excited, so just another little push. I want to be there as much as you do! Trust me! (and we will have to have a party in game that first night!)

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