2moons frequently asked questions, Can't find an answer ? Look here!

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2moons frequently asked questions, Can't find an answer ? Look here!

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:54 pm

Please read before posting !

Were can I register for this game ?


Why can I not download the game or play?

Closed beta ended on 3/7/07. Open beta will hopefully begin within a few weeks. Do not worry about downloading the old closed beta client, as it became instantly obsolete with the end of CB. There will be a new client for open beta made available just before OB opens.

It says account pending when I try to download game / look at my account status. What does this mean?

Pending means your account has not been activated. This is because the game is currently not open. Open beta will hopefully begin within a few weeks and everyone will be able to play.

When will Open Beta start?

Per the announcements, open beta should start within a few more weeks as of May 2nd, 2007. We do not have a more specific date yet. Here is the latest update... http://phpbb.acclaim.com/2moons/viewtopic.php?t=8561

What about after Open Beta?

No official word yet, however if it follows the lead of most MMORPGs, then there will only be one if major bugs/hacks/exploits happen.

I live outside of the United States/Canada, will I be able to play?

Currently, you should be able to play. Whether you will be allowed to play in the Open Beta and final release or not has not been determined yet. However, keep in mind that were Acclaim able to easily allow you to play they would. However, licensing issues can get in the way.

Who is David Perry ?

David Perry, is an Executive Video Game Industry Consultant. He's been a gaming industry visionary for the past 25 years. Founder of Acclaim and 2moons .

More information about him and his projects - http://www.dperry.com/

How does David Perry plan to make this game different than Dekaron?

Best answer to that is to go to the In the Press section of these forums and read some of the interviews. They explain it far better than any of us could.

Will we need to download a brand new client for Open Beta, or will you just patch the existing Closed Beta client?

There will be a whole new client for open beta. You will need to download this new client once it becomes available. I'm sure there will be plenty of announcements about when the new client will be ready for download, so please don't ask when you can download it. Right now, we're not sure, but it will likely coincide with when Acclaim gives us a firm date for the start of open beta. The old closed beta client is effectively obsolete.

What is this "pre-OB" I keep hearing about?

Pre-OB is the pre-Open Beta. This was a testing phase Acclaim used to quickly check the new OB client for bugs, since it is a different client than was used for closed beta. The pre-OB consisted of ~100 players who were selected weeks ago (the selection for this is closed, so don't ask to get in now). There were some server stability issues that hampered pre-OB, and thus pushed back OB. Acclaim is working to fix these issues as soon as possible so they can move on to OB. In this manner, pre-OB was a success because we managed to catch a lot of major, game-breaking bugs before the client was rolled out the public masses.

What is Dekaron? Is it the same as 2Moons???

Dekaron is the Korean MMORPG that 2Moons is based on. They share many of the same features/characteristics. However, Acclaim is hoping to update 2Moons enough to eventually distinguish the two games from one another. You could say that 2Moons will be a "westernized" version of Dekaron.

Were can I find some information about charachters , skills , maps ?


I have edited the general stickie that should answer most of the questions an CGE Network member might have .
If you have any questions you think are not answered here , don't hesitated to ask.

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