Guide to perfect skill builds

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Guide to perfect skill builds

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:50 pm

About the competition:
I would like to invite all members to take part in this competition , I would like you to have some fun making your guides and of course good luck on winning some CGE points!
The main goal is to create one very good skill guide for all characters that would help out people who are looking for the best skill builds .

To make a guide you will need a skill calculator for every class.
Azure Knight

Bagi Warrior

Incar Magician

Segita Hunter


Vicious summoner

All images must be 735 x 563 pixels
All images must have credits in the South-East corner with white Arial 12 smooth font .
Each member can post up to 6 different guides , which means 1 guide per character.
Every guide should have a good description of what should be done within X levels .
Image description should be colored,so it would match the skill types [etc all support skills should be cyan color]
The prize

For CGE members the prize pool consists of 1200 CGE points!
Each member who submits a winning guide will receive 200 CGE points that can be exchanged for different prizes.

Post and discus your entries here

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