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2Moons - Rate It Today!

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:49 pm

[CGE Ratings] 2Moons - Rate It Today!

If you haven't yet rated the game, why not rate it today! Please take note that only registered forum members may rate each game on the forums. By voting you will help many other players come to conclusions on whether the game is suitable for them. You may also leave comments or other notices for other players or future players to take into consideration.

You will be asked to rate the game in five (5) areas;
Gameplay: Quest structure, Player vs. Player system, Player Kill system, leveling, weapons, armour, skills and so on.
Graphics: Take into consideration, smooth, irregular, missing areas, unknown objects, layout and so on.
Sound: Is the sound or music repetitive, are the sounds realistic, are they sounds in sync with the moves and so on.
Performance & Lag: Does the game run properly, do you lag constantly, does the game crash and so on.
Service & Community: How would you rate the service of the game and the help guides provided within game and on the official website, is the community friendly or filled with botters, is the community helpful and so on.


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