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2Moons Game Interface

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2Moons Game Interface


1. Menu
Inventory window : Inventory window (shortcut: ㅣ): Displays items attached or
possessed by a character.
② Character status window (shortcut: C) : Displays specific information about a character
including name, level, ability value, resistance power, etc.
③ Skill window (shortcut: K) : When a characters level is up or any skill pointer remains,
the button is activated to show the information.
④ Quest window(shortcut: Q) : Displays current quest contents and purpose, and rewards
when the quest succeeds.
⑤ Help window (shortcut: H) : Displays a short game guide to help game proceeding.
⑥ Individual store window : You can buy or sell items through an individual store.
⑦ System window (shortcut: ESC) : It includes functions like game options, log out,
character selection, log-in, and close.
⑧ Item shop window : You can buy pay items that cannot be acquired by quest or
monster hunting in the game.

2. Chat Windows
Chat windows for community activation
General : Window displays contents to chat with other players in the screen, party, guild,
whisper, etc.
Party : Window displays to chat with a party member
Guild : Window displays to chat with a guild member
Whisper : Window displays when having a 1:1 whisper

3. Skill Slot Window
It is a slot that attaches skills to a slot for easy and fast use with a shortcut.
(shortcut: number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

4. Potion Slot Window
You can use it conveniently by setting HP, MP with shortcut. (shortcut: F1, F2, F3)

5. Messenger, Fishing, Party, Guild
Messenger : You can send a message to your friend in the same online server group.
(shortcut: F)
② Fishing : It is a system to get booty(fish item) using fishing skill at any available fishing
place. (shortcut: L)
③ Party window : You can see a location of current party members, HP quantity, and
log-in status. (shortcut: P)
④ Guild : You can make a guild when a user over Level 50 consumes 1,000,000 DIL.
(shortcut: G)

6. Bar
Shield Bar : Defense shield. When attacked at PK, it is consumed earlier than HP and
protects HP. After all shields run out, HP begins being consumed.
② Shield gauge : Defense shield. When attacked at PK, it is consumed earlier than HP and
protects HP. After all shields run out, HP begins being consumed.

7. MAP
Mini Map : Mini Map displays where a character currently locates and you can see which
direction to go at a glance. (shortcut: M)
② Day/Night mark : Indicates day and night of the current Dekaron game.
③ Location mark : Displays a coordinate and name of a map where a character locates.
You can understand a characters location and meet other players by informing them the

8. Experience Bar
Whenever you catch a monster, certain value of experience bar gradually rises up.
When the bar is filled up, the level goes up.

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