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About Fishing System

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:46 pm

Whats is it?

It is a system to get booty (fish, item) using fishing skill at a fishing place.

Related Terms!

1) Casting
Displays a fishing motion.
2) Fighting
Displays steps from when booty hooked at a casting step to when the booty is completely
3) Bait
It is an item to increase a possibility to catch booty at a fighting status.

Catching Fish!

1. After learning how to fish with mastery from
Fisherman NPC, buy a fishing rod and attach it.
You can purchase bait items at the same time.
A bait item can be used by clicking a right button
of a mouse at a Inventory window or being
attached to quick slot window like potion.
2. Bait’s function is to increase a success possibility
to catch booty. The function is applied when using
it only before starting fishing.
(You can buy fishing mastery, fishing rod and bait
from a fisherman NPC.)

3. Click a fishing icon at an available fishing place.
A mouse pointer changes into a fish-hook shape for fishing. If click a fishing place, a casting window
opens and fishing starts.

4. A casting window displays whether getting
booty or not. If green bars of the casting
window run out, you fail fishing. If you try
fishing again as the above 3, a casting starts.

5. If booty is caught during casting, a casting
window changes into a fighting window.
A full-scale battle with booty starts.

6. When booty is caught, click a left button of
a mouse or a space bar to reduce physical
strength of booty. If loose a left button of a
mouse or a space bar, the physical strength
of booty increases.

7. In a general status, durability of a fishing
rod does not go down. But, when booty begins resisting, pulling booty results in
reduction of physical strength of booty and of
durability of a fishing rod.
8. Repeat pulling and loosing with a fishing
rod and make HP of booty 0. Then, “Success”
pops up and you succeed catching booty.

9. While fishing, if durability of a fishing rod
becomes 0 or position of booty moves to the
right end, or a fishing time becomes 0, “Fail”
pops up and you fail catching booty.

10. Status of booty is divided into red and
- Blue: General attack status of booty.
General attack is done against you.
- Red: Special attack status by resistance of
booty. A resistant attack is done against you.
If you pull it upon its resistant attack,
durability of a fishing rod will dramatically
reduce with a difference by class of booty.

Fishing Conclusion Terms:

(1) Fishing is available only when you learn fishing skill.
Fishing skill has 4 steps in total. As fishing skill increases, the available fishing area widens.
(2) Available fishing area is a specific place appointed as a fishing place where you can fish
on the map.
(3) Unable to move during fishing. Press ESC to cancel fishing.
(4) To use bait, use it before starting fishing. Then, a high success possibility to catch
booty at a casting status is applied. (an applied bait can stay for 5 minutes.)
(5) Fish caught by fishing can substitute potion.
(6) Booty class is divided into 5 levels at every fishing place. On fighting, you can check
the level of booty with a class mark beside a fish-like icon. However, even same-leveled
booty has a difference in ability.
(7) Before booty is in resistance status, a fish-like icon shakes in a fighting window. Thus,
you can predict resistance of booty.

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