Creating a guild.

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Creating a guild.

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:45 pm

Creating a guild.

A guild can be created by consuming 1,000,000 DIL by a player over Level 50.

1. Click guild master NPC.

2. Click Create Guild.

3. Input a guild name within 20 alphabets.

4. If a guild name is not used already, the creation is successful.

Changing or entering a new guild emblem

When you change(resister) the guild mark, you need 100,000DIL

1. Click Guild Master NPC.
2. Click Guild Mark.

3. Select background and pattern of a mark.

4. On the head of a character, the guild name and mark appear.

How to invite members into your guild.

1. After targeting a player you want and click Guild Invitation at the top menu.

2.If the player was not registered to a guild, a registration recommend window pops up.

3. If the player accepts it, the registration is completed.

Guild Interface

A shortcut for Guild UI is G. Menu is largely divided into Administration/Function/User menu
- Administration: Administration menu of guild UI
- Function: Function menu of guild UI
- Player: Menu when right click a guild member on the member list.
'Current location/adventure points donation/view information’ is later realized.
Authorization Setting

Authorization Setting is a menu to correct name and rights of a guild class. A correction
can be done at one class only.
1. Space to select a class to be corrected.
2. Space to correct name and rights of a class.

Class Setting is a function to give a class to a guild member. Here you can authorize
a class to a guild member or assign a guild leader.

You may expel (compulsory withdrawal) a selected guild member from a guild.

For a communication between guild members, an exclusive chatting window and
whispering function for a guild are supported.
* Guild chatting and whispering are sent if counterparts are logged in regardless of server
- Guild Chatting: #What to say
- Guild Whispering: ‘Guild Member Name What to say

This function is to register & modify the notice.
- Delete: It deletes current notice.
- Register: Register a notice.

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