PvP System

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PvP System

Post  avwgl on Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:44 pm

Formally ask consent from opponent and can combat at the battle with opponent’s character or guild member.

1. Click the wanted PvP opponent, then select the “Combat” on the right side menu of
character name in screen top

2. If you select “Combat”, the combat
acceptance window will be pop up and wait
the acceptance of character that wanted to
combat. At this time, if the opponent doesn’t
accept or click the “Cancel” button, the combat application would be canceled.

3. If the opponent that received the
combat application, after the combat
application window pops up, click the
“Acceptance” button, the combat
begins. On the combat application
window, displays the applied combat
opponent’s PvP victory points.

4. If the opponent accept the combat, at the combat characters’ middle spot, the flag
which announces the PvP stands, and the combat ready counter window pops up. In the
condition the count begins, the character can move but, cannot attack the opponent.

5. If the ready count finish, the message that announces the combat start pops up, and
begins the combat. The combat continues until the one side’s character defeat. After
beginning the combat, displays the PvP flag mark on the mini map.

6. If the character in the process out of limit range, the warning window of limit range
pops up, and if the limited time all consumed, the character consumed all limited time
defeats. Also both of the combat characters are out of limit range, the character
consumed limited time first becomes loser. If the character out of limit range, come into
the limit range again, the limited time becomes initialization again.

7. If finish combating, for the combat winner pops up “Win” message, and for the loser
“Lose” message pops up and the result window will be pop up. After combat, the winner
can add the obtained points to one’s own PvP points and the winner loses the one’s own
PvP points. At this time the winner can get some parts of the loser’s PvP points including
the obtained points.

8. After finish combation, for the loser pops up combat revival window, and if the loser
click the "Revive at the original place", the loser can revive at the defeated spot.

Terms of PvP System:

- PVP is possible at any region.
- If the wanted combat opponent is far from one self, can’t apply the combat.
- If the wanted combat opponent is proceeding the combat already, can’t apply the
- In the middle of combat, can be attacked by monsters and other characters.
- The combat by PvP has no influence on Niette.
(But, if the character is not combating attack the combating character or attack the
other character that is not a combating opponent get influence by the Niette (Evil)
- If the other opponent that is not combat opponent dead by other opponents (Ex.
Other characters, monsters), the remained opponent’s character becomes the winner.
- In other situation that is not combat ( Ex. Other characters, monsters), the character
dead, it can be revived at the designated spot.

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