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PK System

In 2Moons, Player Killing (PK) means a battle between individuals happening at a general

Helion(good) : User’s tendency, which value is 0. Its character name is white.
Niette(evil) : User’s tendency, which value is over 1. Its character name is red.
Battle status : Status kept for 30 minutes when hit Hellion or a user on battle.
A tendency value of a user on this status does not increase, even when killed.

- Press C key and open a character status window to see PK status.

① Shield : Shield value is determined by a character’s defensibility, level, and
② Tendency value : Value that determines Hellion and Niette. It increases when kill
a Hellion user.
③ PK : Number of killing Hellion-status users
④ PVP : Number of killing player at PvP is realized later.

Rules to PK
1) PK Method
- To attack a Hellion(good) player use skill or attack, while pressing Ctrl key.
- The way to attack Niette(evil) or battle-status users is same with the way to attack
a monster.
- But, when attack Niette(evil) or battle-status player with a range attack and when
targeting a field, press Ctrl key.

2) Principle of Tendency value increase
- When kill battle-status and Niette(evil) tendency users, the tendency value does not
-If kill a Hellion(good) tendency user, the value increases.
- If the value is more than 1, it becomes a Niette tendency.

3) Principle of Tendency value Decrease
- Every certain hour on the filed, the tendency value decreases.
- If kill a monster proper to your level, certain amount of value decreases.

4)Battle Status
- When attack a Hellion(good) player, it becomes a battle status, which is dismantled after
30 seconds.
- A battle-status player can be attacked by any user without using Ctrl.
- Killing a battle-status user does not increase the tendency value.

5) Party Rule
- PK between party members is impossible. It means that if Niette(evil) or battle-status
users are party members, you cannot attack them.
- If you use buff skill and heal skill to Niette(evil) or a battle-status party member,
become on battle-status.
- If you are not a party member, you cannot use buff skill and heal skill to Niette(evil) or
battle-status users. (If you make a party with them, you can use the skills.)

6) Niette(evil) Penalty(Disadvantage)
- You cannot use teleport using NPC and items.
- You cannot use a store.
- You are treated as a monster in the aspect of attack method by Hellion and battle-status
- When select resurrection at a saved place, you may revive at a Niette-only resurrection
place, not a general place on the map you saved.
- If you are seen by a guard of a castle, you can be attacked by him. A guard is strong but
can be killed by a user.

7) Safety Area
- You cannot do PK in a safety area.
- Braiken Castle, Loa Castle, Ares, Morte, Parca Temple, and Deneb are classified as a
safety area. (Temporary)

Cool Jail
- If a player over certain amount of tendency value revives at a saved place after death,
he is born in a jail.
- You may come out of the jail through NPC when the tendency value goes down under
certain level of tendency value.
- Although general players can come in and out of a jail, it is divided into a place for
Niette(evil) players and one for general players.

9) Summoner control
- Summoner shortcut is changed into “Shift+ shortcut”.
- To attack a Hellion(good) player with Summoner’s attack order(Shift+Q), after use
a shortcut of attack order and click an object you want to attack, while pressing Ctrl.
- To attack Niette(evil) or battle-status players with an attack order (Shift+Q), use a shortcut of attack order and click an object you want to attack.
- When Summoners are attacked by PC, they do not automatically attack back.
(But, they attack back to monsters’ attack.)

Bail System

1) What is it?
- A way to lower down a tendency value. A system to lower down the value by paying certain amount of DIL(bail) through NPC in the jail.

2) How to use bail
- Paying DIL to Bailey or Klaus NPC in the jail can lower down the tendency value.
- Convert 1000 DIL per 1 unit of tendency value.
- Click corresponding NPC, “Pay Bail” menu opens.
- You may pay bail of 10 / 100 / 1000 / 10000 by unit of tendency value.
- Paying more bail than a tendency value of a current PC does not lower down the value
below 0.

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